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Fuyu, Aki, Haru, Natsu
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Fuyu, Aki, Haru, Natsu
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Vanguard ZERO | English


Please notify me when Vanguard Zero turned into normal Vanguard.

I need these function to officially invest myself in this game.
- Guard function!
A mere sentinel that automatically activated can't compare with guarding by yourself.
-Drive check!
Adding cards by drive check was common function, yet it was jon existent here.
I wanted to have card that really function as triggers and not setting grade 3 as triggers.
Having Grade 2 taunt wasn't as good as Intercept.

I can make do without these but I prefer if they exist.
Not having it was alright, but it would be better with it.
-Default deck for all
A default deck that wasn't elemental at all. I always lose my motivation to play when my opponent summon elemental.
-Some restriction in how many grade 1/2/3 but not split 1/3rd for each of them. Maybe minimum 5 grade 1 or something like that.
-Clan based booster card.
I would prefer to buy single clan booster card than mixed one.

That's all for now I guess, even if you guys wanted fast gameplay, I hope developers add something like Original Vanguard or Simplified Vanguard fight.

As of now, Vanguard Zero feels like luck based game than simplified game. I can easily beat someone with my joke useless elemental deck more than a few times when I need to do mission with character which i do not have card of.

As of now, Playing offline seems to be much better than online. (Vanguard EX)

Little guide that most may or may not already know

Stat :
Speed : Affect maximum speed.
Generally useful, but don't specialized in this if you didn't use Escape (from the pack) strategy, or most race was Short distances and Miles (Sakura Bakushin O).

Stamina : Affect how much your speed decrease in a match.
You don't need to specialized it if your horse didn't race in mid and long distances. You need moderate stamina in mid distances(Mejiro McQueen) and specialized in it if you need to conquer long distances (Rice Shower)

Strength : Affect acceleration and course taking.
Pretty useful for Chase, Insert, and Lead strategy but generally useless for Escape strategy.
Why is it useful? simple, it was because!
No matter how fast or strong you are if you got surrounded by the pack, then you are over!

Guts : Affect last spurt.
Good for Chase, Insert, and Lead strategy.
It affect horse determination to win at the last corner and make them easier to overtake their opponent.
After much training trying to specialzed in it, I found out that it was basically useless to specialized in it since this stat was shitty if your other stat was shitty.

Intelligent : Affect your skill
Generally good for all uma musume, especially if you have lots of skills. You don't need to specialized in this , but having more intelligent would be advantage in a race.

Additional info...
Yellow skill added your uma usume capabilities in a race.

Blue skill affect your uma musume stamina recovery.

Red skill debuff your rival uma musume.

Green skill affect your uma musume adaptivity.

That's all for stat I guess. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Typical Farming and P2W game with low gacha rate.
Graphics is good, though I personally prefer they didn't use anime scene again especially at ultimate. (I aways laugh when Sonic use that ultimate of his xD.)

Gameplay is typical but the need of planning with core is a bonus point, though regretably there's less core than needed.(Most peeps use Genos and bicycle combo because of it) Not to mention Game breaking Saitama that can kill every boss in one hit xD.

The bgm is annoying at times (maybe just for me alone?), though I will give few stars for the theme song~

In any case, the lack of King in gacha make me decrease the value by 1. [厲害]

Watching the anime again while playing the game, I can't help but think those who make this game really didn't put in any extra effort at all...I sincerely hope they add content that didn't exist in anime rather than copy pasted it just like this.

22/7 Music Time


I just wanna say...sigh I hate the flick...the one i missed the most is damned flick. Not to mention Miu still have her feet injuries even after release... (The feet bend 360°}

Still, you can't blame me for giving it high rating, since its worth it.

Hope dev can fixed it up.

I think this is one of the best games out here, of course, I'm going to complain about the bad point so there may be new feature in the future! xD

Moving on, if one were to ask what is the most I disastified with in this game it's that...

There's no Skip Ticket ! or maybe I don't know there is one? Regardless, Needing to repeat all stage will turn it repetitive...I am in need of skip ticket!!

My second point, is that costume can only be bought...and all summoned character will only have their original costume. Meaning there's no scheme of gacha to get the girl with the costume you like, you can just gacha until you get her and buy it off the store though.

Continue on with me complaining, I hope they enhance the battle system. Nowadays, I only need to use my spell card in every battle for easy sweep. barrier everytime I can, and even the effect of skills is minimal. (one of the reason is because the enemies hit too hard! so rather than killed, I rather kill them first)

Ah, if possible, please add more chapter and add voice in every chapter!

Ikki Tousen: Extra Burst


I will give full stars for now, since there's lots of people complaining unable to enter the game in review when it's actually just maintenance.

If you can't even wait, then don't play.

A great education game, but sadly there's time limit for answering an answer. (Which is too bad for me since I use translator, and times up for me before i can fully translate anything.)

I'm sure those who understands Japanese and want to learn more about animal will appreciate this game.



I don't know whether the dev want to make a puzzle game or an idle game.

There is 18 puzzle for now (which isn't really hard to do) and of course, no tutorial to teach you how this game work. The game just throw you to the stage and ask you to kill peeps.

In each stage, you can collect skeleton or watch ads for coin? which is totally useless to be honest. Coins can't be used to buy key(hint) since it's only for the idle game and the idle game is to get coin. (Nothing much to do inside the idle game.)

There is nothing much for the puzzle and nothing much for the idle game. Maybe it's because the game is at early stage or maybe because it's just a crappy game. I can't seem to enjoy it.

Welp, at the very least I like how the game tell us that we only live once. that's the only positive thing I can give to this game.

This is a game about serious student who don't want a particular classmate of him play truant.

In each level, he will try a lot of method to find the truant and preach him after he found the truant. In the ending, the serious student find the reason his classmate play truant (Not gonna tell ya what) and help him with his reason while the truant study beside him. (the truant reason for playing truant is hinted in some level.

Apparently they become good friends~

What I like about this game is the existence of logic that is within this world, unlike other similar type where you can grab someting out of TV xD. The ads is also lesser than the other and the puzzle is pretty challenging.

This game also have some level that take the concept "Sometimes not doing anything is the right thing." So you need patience to clear these level.

It's fun to collect bad ending tho.

In chapter 1, he start to find evidence, but still hope for his girlfriend to love him back. Which didn't happen.

In chapter 2, the more evidence he found, the more depressed he become. He want to leave at that time, but his girlfriend beg him to stay which soften his heart and he decide to stay.

In chapter 3, he find more evidence that point out his girlfriend cheating and the possibilities she has kid already. He literally broke when he saw the baby that look like the man cheat with his girlfriend.

In the ending, he tried to relieve his stress with basketball. Failure to make the ball enter make him feel he's worthless as a man but Succeed in doing it make a girl who watch him adore him and they start relationship.

It's a good story of a man who tried to love his girlfriend who didn't love him back and decide to break the ties. At the very least I want to see the scene of him confronting his girlfriend or bit of story at all which didn't really happen.

He's spineless coward, but he got determination to find the hurtful truth and not averting his eyes from it. He is at fault because imo it's partly your fault that our partner cheat on you. Still, he try to fix their relationship on many occassion which turn into failure. At the very least, he make effort for it.

But, I like how he can still look up even after what he has gone through.

Too bad for the ending though, and here I thougth he will try to win his girlfriend till the end xD. Sometimes, giving up is the right choice, and he has indeed done the right thing.

The Woman that Got Hated


Let me be honest here.
I personally think I will play this game till the end since it's kinda fun...(If there's no ADS!!!)

Seriously ads ruin it all, it ruin everything.

Still, let me review what the game is about.

The game is about what the girl in particular case think about and you as the player will point out why they think like that.

Let me spoil one case (at first stage xD)
The girl first will think about her angry boss (You can point at the beer, which means his anger is because of beer and he commited power harassment which the girl dislike.
she will also think of how she can't drink beer, how her boss sexually harass her, her inability to eat much and her co worker who only look from behind but didn't come to help her.

In this game, all you pointed at is the reason for their depression. All the girls screams WHY in their head. all of them are bullied, but all of them can only say it inside their own mind.

Three times clicking answer right or wrong will summon the damnable lord Video Ads though. make me feel unhappy...*cough*

The case I have gone for so far is. (The order is wrong since I can't remember)
1. Newbie got troubled in drinking party
2. Sick nurse who still need to work even when she is sick.
3. Student who got bullied in class.
4. Teacher who got bullied by both student and fellow teacher.
5. Housewife who tasked to clean because lack of money, and unable to protect her son.
6. Housewife who got ignored by her family.
7. Student who got bullied by her classmate on her way home.
8. Cashier who got error computer and irritated customer, yet other cashier only talk and didn't work.
9. elementary student who got bullied because she look ugly like a monkey.
10. a child who got bullied by her sister in law
11. A newbie who didn't have time to eat because her co worker push their job to her.
12. A part time worker who got bullied by schoolmates. Asking her to pay for their meal and also broke their plate to trouble her.
13. A worker who didn't get any gift when the others get a gift.

I don't know how many more scenarios they have, but I don't care anymore! Stupid ADS!!

Mahjong Soul | English


Peeps don't complaint about lack of free currency. If you wanna complaint, go to Hime Mahjong and play it.
At least there's Newbie gift and way to earn freemium which is friendlier than this one xD.

And, you guys might know or might not, but you can go buy gift, donate it until you earn 50 so you can buy the summoning tool. (Kind of a hassle, but at least there's a way)

This game is all about your strategy and luck. If you have good luck, go attack, if it's bad, then fold. Read your opponent dropped tiles and determine safe and unsafe tile with your own judgement. Don't complaint if your luck is sh*tty cause I have even got Yakuman with sh*tty starting tile (Kokushi musou lol)

I know some of you are addicted to chi/pon/kan and there is even some who can't resist calling riichi everytime riichi button appears, but always pay attention to Yaku! without yaku, you can't win and if it's little, your win will be sh*tty. Don't forget about Dora tiles. I see some peeps entirely ignore dora like a king and earn hurtful ron with lots of dora *yikes*

Anyway, if you earn big, you can fold anytime you want. If you on losing, then desperately attack for a chance to win or lose with a pride xD.

In mahjong, even the sh*ttiest luck can win the game forcing peeps with Yakuman to lose.

(Go for Tanyao man)[開心][開心][開心]

Hime Mahjong | Japanese


Yay, Bond system is available now! cheers for me!

I recommend this game for any of you who love competitive Riichi Mahjong.

Keep dora if you got it, but be careful when dropping dora or tile beside dora, don't tell me I don't warned you.

Try to get yakuman if possible, if not then go for tanyao xD, after all, a win is a win, even if it was a cheap win.

Don't call chi, pon, or kan if you don't have yaku. You will end up with furiten if you love to call yet don't know the rules.

Don't use Riichi when it was out! Observe and judge whether you need it, since being silent might led you to win than declaring riichi and got your opponent on guard.

Always look at your opponent hand when it drop tile.
(if they drop the end tile for few turn, then expect for them to wait for winning tiles to come)

That's all from me~

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I hope this game ending is a sign that a new Vanguard games with complete system like Cardfight Vanguard Dear Days will come in the future.  Read Note
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