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What in Hell is Bad?


[ Edited for latest update ]

Luckily, I have not experienced any of the bugs and glitches so I was able to play the game at it's full potential the past 2-3 days. Really long review below!

Graphics: It's great! The artstyle is really lovely and all the characters are well thought of. The character information screen is filled with small details (ex. The word below the names are the characters kinks which helps makes sense of their chats and homescreen dialogues). Nothing much to say but that it's great.

I do think the UI could be better. There's a 7 day rookie mission list but I had to manually find it in the shop. Unlike most games which would have a rookie missions shortcut on the home screen (the rewards are generous though!).

Gameplay: A bit like Arknights. A tower defense type of game but it doesn't require that much strategizing until you get to later stages. I think that the melee characters are less useful at the moment, they don't do much damage and has less hp/defense than tanks or long ranged units.

The artifacts section is a bit confusing. They sped through it in the tutorial section. Could have better explanation for that one.

Overall, it's a pretty simple and straight forward game mechanic. I do wish there'd be a skip stage button, it gets tiring and repetitive once you start farming materials 😅

[ Edit: Stages have lessened the difficulty and there were lots of character changes (rarity changes, skills have different effects, some artifacts are bugged). It's definitely not at its best. There has been a skip button for the farming stages which has been really great! I wish event stages have it too because it's not fun to do the same stage over and over again 😅

Also, I think the event missions are a bit impossible. Someone calculated it over on Twitter but even if you log in daily and use all your stamina, you won't be able to clear the "use x amount of event tickets" mission. ]

Storyline: I like it! It's interesting though you do get smacked with lots of character building right off the jump.

My friend and I compared the uncensored (from erolabs) and censored (google play) versions. We genuinely did not find any difference from the features or writing. Maybe it's saved for the cards but for the story and secret room features, it's pretty much same. The difference we found was the pre-register awards. You get Mammon in Erolab version and Leviathan in the google play one.

[ Edit: Found the difference between Google Play and Erolabs! Once you reach Erolevel 5 in the intimacy room, the Erolab versions trips the character~ ]

Sound: 👍👍👍👍👍.

Gacha: The gacha rates are bit like Revue Starlight. It highly depends on your luck and RNG since there's no guarantee to get any character regardless of how many pulls. There's no "100 pulls to get a A or above" character thing. Getting devils is also difficult in the greater (gold) keys. I've had more luck pulling with the lesser (red keys). I used 500 keys given on the 1st day and only got 3 new characters (one was a duplicate of Mammon) but that is the nature of gacha after all.

I do recommend saving keys for a bit since the developers plan to raise gacha rates for A rank and above character around November.

Card raising: Straightforward and confusing at the same time. Everything is shown to you on screen but the format is a bit confusing. Instead of showing "items you have / items you need" format, it's the opposite. Farming for gold is necessary early game since it's the most used resource for upgrading both characters and artifacts.

When you click an item, it also doesn't show you where to get said item. It just gives you a description. This is more of a personal thing since I'm more used to games telling me where to farm a certain item.

Overall, I'd give it a 5 out of 10. Without the bugs and glitches, it's just a gacha game with not much to do in it at the moment. But it's pretty promising!



Nice art but more or less similar to most idle gacha games. Pretty good if you want a time killer game

pretty fun game! i dont have a lot of experience with rhythm games but this was quite easy to navigate for beginners. a little sad that event cards arent a guarantee but overall, good game!

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solomon's tears hi! does anyone know where to farm the tears? i think i missed it in the tutorial now im kind of lost Read Note
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