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The game is Alright everything is fine. No problem at all including scouting. The scouting is quite..meh ok normal. But the most confusing thing is.. How do we get diamonds fast? I know Expert mode is not worth it but..How do u get diamonds??
The Bois are fine ok? Done

worst game and worst in everything , Scouting Rate drop is Much worst than anyone think. Free 10 scout from the beginning until Now STILL HAVE NO SSR WHAT A NICE TRASH GAME. DONT TELL ME BECAUSE IT IS MY LUCK Because thats the dumbest answer i received



Everything is Alright except the Gacha or Scouting , Why do i keep getting SR just 1 or 2 SR every 10x Scout. This is the worst Scouting Rate ever like other games. Can they like increase abit more.

Not the Best Rhythm gameplay , why is slide glitched?? i slide the tap at the right timing but it says "Miss" can this game even get fixed please o-O It annoys me and i cant get dias if this always happen

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ha im so blessed rn that this game is so Rubbish. So Rubbish Girls that never become SSR. Im so done with this rubbish toxic game that i have been playing it since the beginning oh well , I can finally quit this Rubbish FES Scouting. All their cards makes me now NO LONGER Interested so , it means their clothes are boring for me now so I wish this game Dies.
i will be happy.
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