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Average lesbeen weeb playing games with cute girls.
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Average lesbeen weeb playing games with cute girls.
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Offers a lot that other games don't offer, such as individually customisable girls that can look almost any way you wish without needing multiple accounts. Also every 10 pull guarantees a SSR, with a 3% chance for any SSR pulled to be the spotlighted one.
But for me, the main draw is the individually customisable girls.

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#MyDreamCollab Hatsune Miku x Shinobi Master Senran Kagura New Link! I've actually given a lot of thought to this one. Hatsune Miku and Megurine Luka would be the playable characters, and the farmable card would be Mirai as Kagamine Rin.
CosmicBreak Universal x Shinobi Master Senran Kagura New Link is up there too, as is Re:Zero x Shinobi Master Senran Kagura New Link. CosmicBreak Universal would have Crimrose and Lily Rain as the playable characters, and the farmable card would be Kagura or Ayame as Ivis. Re:Zero would have Rem and Emilia as playable (even though Ram is my favourite...), and the farmable card would be Naraku as Ram. I think I'd just like a bit more variety with New Link collabs...
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