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I'm a soviet weeb crusader. From Rome.
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I'm a soviet weeb crusader. From Rome.
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oh man, i have 4 different accounts... and everyone has different features unlocked/blocked ... wtf?!?!? (this thing is going like 3 years already)

Neural Cloud | English


As Girls'Frontline 1 veteran:
Graphics upgrade really cool 💯
BGM ok
But gameplay totally boooring, at least in early and middle game stages... 0 strategy, just upgrade the dolls as much as you can, select the strongest that you managed to upgrade, add friend support unity and... click auto-battle! just one time, then the game will remeber the formation ... only on end stages you may start think manually about who use in battle, with tactic select and what buffs pickup to pass.
Good thing is this game is NO "pay to win".. there are really op dolls but you can build a good team even without them.
The story.... uh, already had too much badass, unkillable, super lucky main chacters in GFL 1... here is kinda... even worst their badasstitudine(?)



Old but good pixel graphics.
There are premium buildings and features but nothing that can stop your fun play, so totally NO "pay to play".
Other than building, the ststem of stats and single micromanaging is also well done

Al lancio era orribile, ora coi aggiornamenti hanno sistemato quasi tutti i problemi e reso più chiaro alcune cose/meccaniche.
Carino il fatto del tutorial che copre il pirimo episodio dell anime :D
Gioco in sé è sia rilassante che strategico, ci sono tantissime cose che puoi fare e modificare a secondo dei propri gusti.
Le interazioni coi personaggi sono awww

aaaahhhh... i miei occhiiiii!!!! Non capisco se è la risoluzine del gioco è così bassa o sono proprio le art fatte malissimo.. già dalla scana iniziale mi è arrivato la lama negli occhi.. ho fatto di corsa il tutorial per poter finalmente accedere alle impostazioni e mettere tutto al massimo ma è migliorato di pochissimo... lo droppo dopo circa 4 ore solo per questo.

Le meccaniche di gioco sembrano divertenti ma in verità dopo poche battaglie e fatti i primi gacha roll da 10, già mi sono ritrovato a fare l'autobattle con squadre composte anche in automatico :/

Sull audio, musiche e ottimizazioni nessun problema. Niente lag.
Nella galleria si possono vedere le nikke in diverse posizioni. Grande punto a favore è che anche le nikke di rango R sono subito disponibili in Live2d
Le art delle nikke R sono a tema militare, SR sono delle mommy vogliose e le SSR sono quelle meno stereotipate.

Trama a piacimento soggettivo. (cmq il shikikan come mc è pessimo, almeno per me)

Darkest AFK


similar to other afk fighting heroes games.
+cool arts!
+story plot classic but not boring
+a lot of upgrades
+good catching music

Unreal Life


It doesn't even hide to be the port of the Steam version, but its a good port, full game.
Music feets the game environment, the puzzles needs some braincells but they aren't stressing (except the one from the Museum 0_o)

Tank Master


This game has one of the funniest tutorials i ever passed 😂😂😂.
Hope this game will develop further, actually it has only 6 heroes, 3 tanks and very few stages... but the upgrades are long term ones, so i guess next updates will bring new stuff too.
The soundtrack is ok, but it feels not really motivated for this game

EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy


The game is good and also pretty simple itself but ... wth with the phone overheat and battery drain?!?!? not optimized at all ... i have a 5k battery and snapdragon 865 + 16 GB RAM... the game runs well (no lag) but in 30-40 minutes the phone is exhausted :(

Kurumi Diary


The audio is choppy :(
also not everything is translated in English.
hope better in the next updates

Hmmm after the last update there is a 80% of possibility that when i play a song there is a 1-second freez/lag that ruins the combo!! in single and multiplayer!!!
+ they never solved the server stability when there is "faction" event in multiple section, also lately there are sooooo many graphic bugs....

(i put 4 out 5 to graphics because i want the upskirt pleaseee)

The game is stuck on the booting screen, doesn't even load :/

The game is an endless run but with cool DC Comics feature.
At the beginning we can play as Batman or The Flash but later, collecting resources, we can unlock skins for them and other heroes/villains.
We can play on 3 locations: Gotham City, Gorilla City and Batcave.
We just have to run collecting stuff (coins/gems/collectibles/upgradable power ups) avoiding obstacles and kicking enemies! After a while a boss will appear (Joker/Grodd/Bane) , once defeated our character will keep running but faster + the next boss will be stronger.
The music is pretty good.

The fact that the game is not supported means only that we cant access daily missions or purchase paid gems but the game is still playable (offline)


Last Gunslinger


Just a casual shooting game good to play those 10 minutes while waiting for the train/bus.
Shoot to monsters and at the same time jump on 3 lines to avoid their attacks and collect power ups.
Collect or upgrade more powerful guns to clear next levels.
The music in battle is amazing!

The game is a tower defense type.
Easy mechanics and not hard with a minimum of micro-management during the battle.
The gacha is honest and resource farm not frustrating.
The ingame soundtrack is pretty good + it has full versions of tracks from the anime

Sadly this game has a good ammount of bugs that force to clear and install again the cache at least twice a month! The cache is 2,2 gb of data!!!

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The game is shut down T_T
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