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Youtube Channel: KiryuGamingX
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Youtube Channel: KiryuGamingX
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Clash Mini


This game is really Ez to learn and really fun to play! I can't stop playing it during the Holiday Season 🌟🥳❄🎄🎉 But the problem is it needs Friendly PVP and Guilds so it would be easier for me to livestream it so I could interact with viewers better! Maybe I am wrong cause I cant find a Friendly PVP 😨

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


This game might be the best Moba Mobile game out there 👍 Been playing it on and off for years and My God the Skin collaboration are high quality in my opinion 🔥🔥🔥 I highly recommend this game if you guys want a fast and ez to learn Moba 🌟

Onmyoji Arena | Global


Its a good Moba game but the Devs need to suppport it more so it could beat Wild Rift and Mobile Legends Bang Bang 😊 Also it has a good Drama show called "Falling into your smile" You should watch it and give this game a try 👍

Blue Archive | Global


I really enjoy the music of this game 😉 even the intro music when you need to start the game! I would recommend this game to anime lovers because the character models are so cute ❤

This might be one of the best mobile rhythm games out there because of the variety of Anime cover songs 🎵🎵 I highly recommend it to Anime fans out there ❤

Genshin Impact


This game is really fantastic because you could play it on PS5, PS4, Mobile and PC! I really love the character designs and it does not feel generic! Its a highclass game for sure 🌟🌟🌟

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League of Legends Wild Rift 🔥
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