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He challenged Qoo and team, is now SPIRITED AWAY. This is QooApp Top Secret Account. "No one SIMPLY writes on QooApp." ~ by Mr. Qoo's Elly
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He challenged Qoo and team, is now SPIRITED AWAY. This is QooApp Top Secret Account. "No one SIMPLY writes on QooApp." ~ by Mr. Qoo's Elly
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★★★No-Lies Quickie Review★★★
The BEST Free SIMPLE (Semi-Offline) Dungeon Crawler RPG.
If you find it too hard, just watch some ads and get strong.

No in-game purchases, no fancy system, SIMPLE old-school Dungeon Crawling. For those who like to farm and progress, this is the best one available.

Semi-Offline since you can hire other players' characters to your party//be hired by other players when you enlist your character to the Bar.

Normal graphics, normal audios, basic old-school gameplay (so no complaint there), normal storyline. Is it worth playing when you have nothing else to play? Definitely a time killer.

(Disclaimers: 1. Review begins with TL;DR then a detailed one; 2. I will be quitting the game in a week or so; 3. I am Top5/10 on the Leaderboard of the server I am assigned to; 4. I am a F2Player with NO REROLL; 5. I only do blind playthrough without guide)
If you think this review will help others to quickly identify whether the game works for them, please LIKE in the end. Feel free to discuss in the Comment below.

———TL;DR Review———
1. Great graphics, wide range of selectable BGM (freedom of choices is always appreciated 👍);
2. No ground-breaking gameplay if you have played a game from PS Vita era, this is not something new;
3. there are holes in the plot, like average games overall, it's not all bad, just somewhere here and there not making sense personally;
4. ULTRA level of time consumption, if you have a life, DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME; the amount of time needed to MIN-MAX at the highest level can go up to 3-4 hrs; rewards to time consumption ratio is about 1:5...definitely one of the highest one for all the gacha games I have played, especially for a primarily IDLE game...

YAY//NAY: Nay...!
———Detailed Review———
Wonderful graphics overall. You can complain they completely wasted their potential by covering up the NIKKEs' assets...but I am not that much into their assets when I am playing a gacha game, in the end, these mean NOTHING...

The 2D designs, 3D modelings, 2.5D live animations, the chibi versions: all of them are above average, relatively, better than most average gacha games on the market. So well done in the graphics.

If you take a closer at each NIKKE, at the very least, not that many NIKKEs are completely identical! That is better than most of the bad animes with interchangable character designs XD
I wouldn't say all of their BGMs are in top tier quality, however, you can select your own BGMs. That is something most gacha games lack of. Apart from that, you get to collect them all via treasure huntings. It's fun, interactive and it opens up a system of choices and rewards. It's something enjoyable, it's nice.

Cool sound effects too, though I do expect more lines from the VOs overall.
Are you not ENTERTAINED with the booties jiggling technology? Are you not SATISFIED by the boobs wriggling mechanics? ......

Personally, those are OLD features from SRW I am not impressed by the old tricks. The shooter gameplay looks kind of new to average players, to me, as I have repeatedly mentioned: the WHOLE GAMEPLAY is nearly a replicate of a dead gacha game back from PS Vita era. Not even the idle elements look new. The basic combat gameplay is simplified to only COVER & STRIKE. In that PS Vita game I mentioned, it had manual control of where I want my character to go. Or if you want to compare this with a AAA failure — The Bureau: XCOM Declassified, even that massive disaappointment allows players to move to different vintage points as your character slowly advances and gains strategic advantages from FLANKING. What kind of LAME AI design would be created just so your ROBOTs//NIKKEs stay in the same location, and NOT FLANK THE ENEMIES AT ALL? AIs are specifically designed to be better than average human. If I am the Commander who can make a superior order, yet, DON'T ACTIVELY correct the bad strategies applied by your sub-coordinates...I am a BAD COMMANDER...

See? Our main boy is a bad boy and that makes me a sad boy...Hence, gameplay wise, its simplicity literally kills the strategic play. Imagine you can move NIKKEs to FLANK your enemies, gaining a strategic advantage and dish out more dmg.

The design of ONE-HAND control seems to offer most of our gentlemen a FREE HAND to do whatever they want. But with less control and less vision, that also means more restrictions on gameplay...based on the videos on YouTube etc., PC players HAVE MASSIVE ADVANTAGEs over mobile players as they have a COMPLETE WIDE VISION on the battlefield...which means SUPERIOR TARGETING PRIORITY. And that is something vital in the late game. By removing that option for mobile players, it is clear, because of the restriction, that has already caused me PROGRESS DELAYs. For a game heavily relying on Ranking for rewards, THAT KILLS our motive to continue as a F2Per. Again, when your entire F2P population is against your game, like what we are seeing within weeks after the launch, THAT'S GONNA LEAVE A MARK...

Despite how much the developer EMPHASIZEs on STRATEGICAL gameplay in their survey, the balancing of the game literally proves them WRONG. Where maxed-out SR and R tier NIKKEs are NO LONGER feasible picks for Campaign in the early game or game modes in The Ark, SSR tier NIKKEs have proven to be THE ONLY VITAL PICKs for any situations. Then, you need to make sure, you have a diversified SSR skill needed in nearly 90% of all the stages I have cleared (all up to Chapter 10 of Campaign; 65 Levels of the Tower; 4 zones of the Lost Chapter; Level D of Annihilation......); no STRATEGICAL picks can be applicable (if you can't clear it with a SR and R mixed squad manually, you can always simply AUTO MODE your way out with a full SSR tier squad......); you can't beat a stage with an UNDERPOWERED squad? Your overpowered squad shall totally clear the stage easily then.

So...I guess they did promote this clearly before the release: NIKKE is a titties-&-booties game, DO NOT PLAY this if you are expecting more...and I clearly have not read the Terms & Conditions...

I didn't know: a game without GAMEPLAY can still be fun as a GAME. I truly thought that is called a piece of art, not a game at all.
At this point, I think we all have to agree to disagree that the plot for this game is absolutely PERFECT and LOGICAL. There are certain area that are seemingly less optimized and less ideal; sometimes even finding it odd when they are being told in the story. But this is a gacha game, it's not a AAA flop like God of Wok or Borderland 3, or a AAA scripted nudity movie like Bayonetta...

DON'T hold a high expectation on the plot from a game that FOCUSES your POV entirely glued to BUTTs and 80081€5. They didn't think it through...
Value: (PLEASE read the end to get more details)
I will simplify this to this sum-up:
"If you are ONLY min-maxing via completion of Daily & Weekly Missions, you won't be able to min-maxing to a competitive level where you can keep up with the in-game requirments; you won't be able to gain rewards from Rankings that worths HOURs of rewwards."

Basically, if you only LIMITED to playing 60mins on NIKKE per day, you won't be able to complete the 70 missions from the Launch Event...because simply, within 60mins, you can't get a lot advanced in Campaign or the other areas.

The Rewards:Time Consumption ratio is approximately hitting 1:6 at the highest point. On average, 1:5 when you compare to most of the average gacha games on the market. * (more details in the end on the ratio)

If you are a busy person who wants a simple game that gives you boobs and butts, buy an adult game, it saves you more and it will be more rewarding. If you are F2Ping this game for the same things, STOP COMPLAINING.
General Scores without personal opinions:
6/10 —
8 if you really love big butts and boobies...NGL...

General Scores based on my experience and preference:
2/10 —
A game with gameplay that is not fun at all? BAD.
If the only selling points in this game are boobies and butts, why don't you turn it into a hentai anime instead...
A good game requires great graphics and visual designs; a wide range of memorable BGMs that paired perfectly well to the plot or the visuals; impressive VOs; fun and unique gameplay that lasts for some time; a logical yet intriguing story that allows players to immerse themselves into the world; FINALLY, it should be rewarding for the players in every aspects mentioned.

A game that only satisfy our visual and audio needs (or sexual desires in this case)? That just sounds like a sex tape...perhaps, [Goddess of Victory: NIKKE] does sound like a title of a sex tape...instead of Victory, maybe "Sex Appeals" could be a better option.

(All of my reviews are usually made after running a week or longer of testrun thoroughly without using any guides from Internet. No loopholes is abuse for rewards:time consumption ratio. I count ALL AVAILABLE DAILY+WEEKLY+MONTHLY rewards for the rewards part; every 30 minutes of playing as the basic unit for time consumption. So Rewards:Time Consumption ratio shows approximately how much time you need to perfectly min-maxing per day)
(In the case of NIKKE and games at launch, the launch event is also taken into consideration since most launch events are newbie-based to welcome new players. Whereas the actual regular Rewards:Time Consumption ratio for NIKKE is around 1:2, during the launch period, it is at a whooping 1:6; so it's not surprising for the overall negativities from the public)
(Average time needed for min-maxing on AUTO-Mode:
Approximately ~1min-1min20secs per stage;
2mins for Annihilation;
5-10mins for Lost Chapter;
All SKIPs for every SKIPPABLE scene saves around 3-5mins per day depending on Campaign progress and everything;
5-15mins+ for Simulations depending on how many Sectors;
Gifting and Purchasing from Shop takes around 2-3mins;
Leveling up NIKKE and equipment takes 1-2mins;
Regular logins for Outpost rewards takes 2-4mins;

I only managed to complete 70/70 missions from the Launch Event on Day 13, pushing Campaign to beginning of Chapter 10, Tower to Level the math...not to mention the time where I failed and retried for using squads consist ONLY SR and R for STRATEGIC testruns...)

Quick Glance Review (Bite Size! Now with punchline!)
I really love the anime...but I have to say: Just stay away from this. The number of ads is...on RAPID FIRE MODE.

There is no story in this game and the gameplay is the usual, Question-Spot & Identify the Answer mini-game. I stopped playing by Chapter 3. Nothing special, not scary at all...

To sum-up: An absolute disappointment that grinds your soul of excitement to dust. [大哭]
(TL;DR: Game so bad, I wanna kill myself and haunt the developers as a ghost 👻)

(Game is deleted within 5 mins...)

Bite-Size Quick Glance:
This is an educational indie platformer that may/may not guide you on handling death, griefing and mourning. It is heavily story driven and open-world. Though this is a platformer as primary, there are mini-games of other genres and resource management/service simulation, this is not your average game without solid storyline, this is a beautiful game with a wonderful lesson.

Perfect for parents trying to teach about life and death.


NETFLIX Into the Breach


(Experiemental New Review Format)
𝙊𝙣𝙚-𝙂𝙡𝙖𝙣𝙘𝙚 𝙎𝙮𝙣𝙤𝙥𝙨𝙞𝙨:
Offline Single Player Game; Strategy Genre; play anytime.
You need a Netflix account.

𝙎𝙞𝙢𝙥𝙡𝙞𝙛𝙞𝙚𝙙 𝙍𝙚𝙫𝙞𝙚𝙬:
Retro graphics, fair audios, great strategic gameplay, decent storyline.

𝘿𝙚𝙩𝙖𝙞𝙡𝙚𝙙 𝙍𝙚𝙫𝙞𝙚𝙬:
The game itself was one of the best-sellers for the Indies category when it was first released. When it comes to reputation, the title alone speaks a lot.

First, this is a retro game. So graphics and audios are not of AAA quality, do not expect it with outstanding quality in those areas.

What makes this game fun is the number of strategic gameplay and plannings you can try with this simple indie game. If you think that there is only one solution for this game, you are absolutely wrong. It is on par with X-COM in terms of difficulties, so only if you want a challenging game, play it at a higher difficulty.

Gacha-free also means you can test out anything you want (in-game resources are needed to unlock other options, but you don't have to purchase anything else).

Finally, GAME OVER means you get something extra and learn a few tricks for the next run.

If you truly want something better and more rewarding than min-maxing your average gacha games everyday, this is a little somethig you can pick up for yourself ONLY if you are a Netflix subscriber.



🤦Special Review for Hilbert's White Day🤦
😂This is a retro indie game😂
TL;DR: Very simple touch and drop gameplay. No tutorial, quite easy.

Honest Review:'s just touch/tap to drop your character for coins till you gather enough for everything: 100 for dog, 500 for cat, 1k for rabbit, 2k for panda, 4k for tiger, 7k pony, 10k for dragon, 20k for ninja, 30k for zombie, 50k for alien. A total of 124.6k of perfect touch/tap to get enough coins for everything.

Apart from that number of perfect taps, if you fail, you need to watch ADs every SINGLE time...

Eventually, if you don't have the time to tap 124.6k times (approx.: 2 seconds each time at most) to unlock everything in 69 hours, just DON'T PLAY THE GAME...

I can't believe anyone would be playing this for 69 hours unless...they are 69ers who play from 6am to 9pm every least you can beat this game in a week if you really have the drive.



Indie game, indie game review! (An Ex-Qoo-sive Game)
Also, the first review for this game on QooApp!

A mediocre remake of merging game. A mix of Dr. Mario+2048+No Aiming-Assist Style Freefalling drop.

[Honest Review]
If you want something simple yet requires HIGHLY ACCURATE AIMING and a 50% luck upon landing, play this game. Quite relaxing indeed.

It's hard to rate indie games above the average of 3 in general. So, it's not really that bad to the point where you say: THIS IS UNPLAYABLE.

Not educational at all, so probably not helping your kids in learning, association and processing.

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Being MEGA is all about one thing, and that is being PC. If you have a problem with that, I'm gonna punch you in the face then give you 5 weeks of detention. Suck on that.

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Whoever gave it a 5★ must be too generous and happy with the unsettling issues behind this gaming industry giant.

Let's be frank, there is no way anyone can give a perfect score. Region lock to now ban in China (not to be confused with "Band in China" on South Park), literally, there are plenty of problems with this gaming platform. Aside all those, they jacked up prices all the time...then offer sales at incredible rates to a point where you have to wonder: how are the developers making money out of $1...

So where the Qootakus have been cool and be nice to Steam. Honest Review here remains undeterred. Very few critics have Tegridy these days, but Weed Farmer Randy here still has it. Remember Tegridy Farm is having its Christmas Special available this winter. Visit us at and have some top quality weed!

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Sadako M


比較現時市場上的手機遊戲相當獨特。給人一種Witch House+Ao Oni+Among Us的混合體。遊戲最大的缺點是視角控制極差,配合角色控制時,很多地方總轉不到理想角度,會錯失重要調查點//迴避鬼的時機。



English Followup!
A unique game on its own. You can enjoy the game without understand Japanese at all, but DEFINITELY missing out a lot if you skip through the Story.

The crucial flaw in this game is the Viewpoint control. It is extremely difficult to adjust, nor does it provide a good view at what you need to see in order to control your character. Other than that, basically there is no escape once the ghost is onto you in early, for the very beginning, that is why some players are having difficulty in completing the first chapter...

The AP Recovery Rate is sufficient, I am guessing the difficulty does get annoying late game so they make it that the recovery time is nearly as long as you take on each case.

The in-app purchases are decently fair-priced. So if you love this game, it's reasonable to spend just for cosmetics.

Likewise, no skipping means manual farming. And by design, no skipping seems fair too. However, that means time consumption is huge. So take your time farming. [為什麼]



如Mr. Qoo建議,我做第一位繁中的評論吧!
先評為快!大家好,League+是一個以Riot的League of Legends為主要基礎,再將過往無人使用的Mobile App重新設計,並加入cross-platform+cross-game tracking,使所有Riot Account的用家可以利用這一個App與所有Riot遊戲上的朋友聯繫。



Now in English!
League+ is a revived App that was reinvented basing on the pre-existing yet unpopular mobile App Riot had released years ago. It allows users of Riot Account to communicate and track/stalk their friends with Riot Account across various games, from Valorant to League of Legends.

Apart from what I have mentioned about spectating games for some quality improvements, Riot could integrate their own forum onto League+ so players can easily voice their opinions on the platform. Integrating the community will help a lot.

Hopefully there are Rioters reading this, give this less popular ACGN platform a chance! [開心]

Gems of War - Match 3 RPG


(Simplified Review for QooApp Event)
The hidden gem in App Store//Google Play. One of those games that has existed over 5 years yet no one knew. Active players everywhere, simple yet variable gameplay mechanics, endless fun for endless grinders. The character design looks good in general and you can modify them into your Tabletop RPG token easily.

Also, great way to meet people around the world. Plenty of guilds with members from different countries. If you enjoy Match-3 games, this is absolutely a gem.

Dungeon Maker


此中文版評論由Google Translate強力輸出 😂
Dungeon Maker非常有趣,是一隻燈塔防守&逆向燈塔防守的遊戲。在一般燈塔防守遊戲中,玩家只需要防守,但是玩家在這遊戲中也需要進攻。一般燈塔防守遊戲只需要升級便可勝利,但在Dungeon Maker中,玩家需要合成更新更強大的房間或陷阱才可以保護惡魔。

天地劫 | 繁中版


TL;DR: The BEST F2P SRPG/Turn-based Strategic RPG on the market. Perfectly balance for the early game and the primary Story Mode. Once you hit the bottleneck, you will be unlocking new features/Stages/Special Scenarios for grinding items for upgrades. Balance evaluation: Only for the Early Game atm.

[Honest Review: Special Edition for my first 5★ game]

The stunning graphics and traditional Chinese art style do not disappoint anyone at all.

The amount of VOs is beyond any other games. Wonderful opening theme too!

The plot is...IF YOU HAVE PLAYED THE WHOLE FRANCHISE, this is a MUST PLAY! You are going to enjoy it.

Gameplay wise, there are early stages where you can't use Auto-Play really soon. The amount limited for Raids each day is reasonable; the strategic gameplay and variety of characters are all plausible for any Characters for Sortie (I can use 1★-2★ combination to handle the Story Mode till Chapter 4, and 4 Chapters contain over 20+ Story stages and sub-quests; it also has a remastered version of the original 3 series for new players to delve into the world of [Kalpa of Universe].

Challenge Mode can be a bit easy...if you have [Flying Comments] on, because EVERYONE IS GOING TO SPOIL EVERY CHALLENGING STAGE for you. OFC, you can experience the mind-boggling game mechanics yourself and use it in the real battles (yes, Challenge Mode actually teaches you IMPORTANT gameplay mechanics that will help you really soon!)

Balance wise, I am still at the early game. But based on the progressions, the numbers, the rewards etc., I would say most of us will a wall sooner or later, but the game will then unlock something new for you to grind or additional rewards to keep you in check.

Value wise, for the in-game purchases, all 3 monthly plans are fine, each with their own merits and all are reasonably priced. I don't encourage purchasing Stone of Fate at all for Gachas, 2% for 3★ is a trainwreck...Just get a monthly plan and play hard. Grinding is real. As for Daily Rewards VS Time Consumption, 1:1 is a fair ratio atm for the early game. Basically, if I go lazy, I am really behind; most of the Daily Missions can be done in mintues once you unlock the Raid option, but using that will hinder Story Progression and further delay unlocking all the features in the Late Game...

An hour per day might be needed, but if you are willing to invest, you will be rewarded. Remember, you are progressing faster as you play in the Story Mode, so play more, read more, and get more rewards.

Remember, THIS IS SRPG, the original first of the series was a DIFFICULT SRPG with tons of hidden elements. So, while you are running it down easily in Story Mode, do beware of the TRICKY Sidequests that feature special in-game mechanics. All of them will be explained in advance, so DON'T SKIP or BLINK when you are progressing in the Story.

Finally, I hope you enjoy everything in this game, if you have more to share, please do it in the Comment below.



TL;DR Review: (5 lines at most)
Unique style of graphics stands out most among the recent release. An easy Tap & Slide game (Tap to spawn, slide to attack. You might need to set VPN to Japan in order to get the ads rewards. It's not an offline game because you need to load ads. Upgrade accordingly before Boss Fights.

(End of TL;DR)

Honest Review:
I love unique drawing style. Just from first glance, it caught my eyes.

Game is balanced for the early stages, but you will hit the bottleneck where you have to use Reborn to power up.

Relaxing music for a creepy game, boss fight music got a been intense but fair.

It is similar to Alter Ego, so you can pick it up whenever you are free. But it doesn't progress in the background, it does have AFK functions and autos.

Peace! [開心]

Gundam fan here, despite being a fan of the franchise, I will offer score from non-fan perspective too.
(Minor updates with Notes on various aspects)
(The review will be updated whenever new information is gathered, till I drop the game)

Probably the only non-MOBA/non-FPS game that requires mechanical skills and in-game knowledge. Again, IRL money does FLATTEN the leveled playing field. But when you are head-to-head against an even power-level MS, you just have to be more skillful player to defeat the opponents. The first few PVPs are AIs for sure, but once they let you face the real human opponents, you will find a hard time struggling with the free MS.

★★Game type★★
Smartphone-based Console Game. It requires hours of grinding (Reward Bar does not fill up to 10% after 30 minutes of PVPs...). It can literally take HOURS to fill up the Daily Reward Bar Capacity. If you are looking for that one game where you can play for hours, this is it. No fights is the same, everything requires skill and in-game knowledge.

It does not require a schedule. All you need is log in, and play till you are exhausted.

High amount of time consumption with little or close-to-nothing as rewards.
As I have mentioned, 30 minutes+ of PVP net you only around 10% of the Daily Reward Capacity.
300 minutes=5 hours...
Battery consumption is lower than GBGW, yet up to 5 hours of grinding may be needed.
Also, the Star System Upgrade is entirely dependent on your Gachas...let me put it this way: you 500 hours of hardwork gameplay can literally net only an net improvement in Power Level by only 5% or less...
I have to say: when your fate is entirely on Gachas...GL HF
Time consumption to Reward ratio is at 10:1...
(TRIPLE-CHECKED, only PVP gives rewards for Progression Rewards and fill out Daily Reward Capacity...there are already players that can dominate PVPs by endless full combo from 100 to 0. I had already been DELETED without a single 5 out of 10 times in PVPs on average)

Visuals: If you take some time looking at the details on the mobile suits, you have to give them a 5. 5★
Audios: Many lines with VOs. Iconic SEs, the music/score is fine. 4★
Gameplay: I don't think there is another Gundam game on mobile that requires such thorough in-game knowledge and complex mechanical skills. 5★
Storyline: From a fan perspective, I hate to rewatch the story...I like those old stories, but I don't want to relive the ones I am not interested. We are forced to level up and only play through stories we have watched in animes. But I do understand this is what some of the fans want. 3★

★★★Game Balance at First Glance★★★
The parameters on each MS are very defining atm. And like the other older versions of Gundam VS, it is likely you might be using a fully-upgraded 1★ unit to defeat a fully-upgraded 3★ unit if you have the skills and in-game knowledge.

Each MS has different moves/weapons. Knowing the range and combos are just the basics, you also need to know your enemy's unit too. CDs are real, you can press everything instantly and smash buttons to win. Consider this a very realistic fighting game. You can't do unlimited combos (fun fact: I got chained from 100 to 0 in my 5th Solo PVP with my 2nd MS. I do not know how the opponent did it, but somehow, Strike Gundam [Standard Form] can chain-combo endlessly)

Vertical thruster has a 3 second limit, which is quite...rigid...but putting a cap does guaratee some lame things will never happen.

(Update: MA wil be released later...MUCH LATER...and rumors say THEY ARE OP...)
★★Honest Review★★
From everything gathered so far, 2★ MS unit can defeat 2 3★ MS units as long as you have the skills to do it. It is possible, just VERY HARD.

There used to be a China Server, but they were losing income fast. Server shut down.

This is a skill-based game that requires good in-game knowledge. If you are going casual, this is not a game for you.

As a non-fan gamer, if you are looking for something that is as demanding as MOBA/FPS but not of those genres, try this.

The game is quite demanding in every way: skill requirement, in-game knowledge, hours on grinding/farming/PVPing, reaction speed, perpherial vision (oh yeah, this game , you really need to be watching the map and be aware of the enemies position, projectiles and your own teammates. FRIENDLY FIRE IS ALLOWED). I strongly suggest no casual gamers should play this at all.

Overall, this game shows potential for a new eSport franchise, but given the negativity in the in-game chatroom, fans or non-fans, players may not be staying for too long.

(On Mechanical Skills, THIS GAME IS REALLY HARDCORE SKILL-BASED. If you are not going to dedicate into sharpening your skill to perfection, just roll with luck in PVPs...stay positive and pray for a carrying partner. I only met one over my 10 2V2 matches...)
(No suggestion for improvement; from a developer perspective, the current design favours all who are willing to pay and encourages P2Whales to finanically sustain the servers. We can only hope one day, they make some changes so F2Pers can at least find easier ways to enjoy the game)
★★Score References★★
As a game itself: 4 out of 5
As a potential eSport: 4 out of 5
As a casual F2P game: 1 out of 5
As a game for fans of the franchise: 3 out of 5 (very mixed feelings for the very mixed fanbase)
★Personal Request★
Please make Graze (Dainsleif) happen.

I like to see this 1★ MS 1-shoting a fully-upgraded 5★ Barbatos Lupus Rex//Gusion Rebake Full City from outer space.


Review format will deviate from standard.
[Honest Review]
It is by far the best communicative tool. Screen-sharing, streaming, video conference, message board, member management, bot-access functions, etc.

It does everything and you can track everything mentioned. You can create different channels, audio and text (hopefully video channel soon).

Zoom is just bad. The boomer talk, seriously, I have met tons of Mods and Dungeon Masters over age of 50s using Discord. Just because the society forces us to use Zoom, don't pin that to a specific group. Sterotyping is bad, and it's unfair to those who are more adaptable.

Also, those over 60s, some use Google Meet, do your research before throwing people under the bus (there are other methods too, not just the few that are mentioned).

Discord, it's just a superior way to communicate.
Visual layout: 5, easy to understand, everything is visible.

Audio: 3, sometimes the mic and sound setting will get haywired...everyone has those times

Functions: 5, everything you need is there. With access to bots, you can do many miracles.

Story: N/A or 5, if you have read every patches they have released and the description on bug fixes, you should be having a good laugh each time they update. They narrate a story in such a hilarious way, you are always entertained on each patch.

Value: Solid 5, if you can find something better, please share with us.

Come on Kitty


Disclaimers: It's a casual game. So, this will not be standard format, keeping in lite.
(I love animals, cute animals; so cats are cute, but so are dogs. Don't make me pick, I will hate human then)

TL;DR: I am in for the cats. And I got a lot of them like a cat hoarder! (Seriously, do not hoard cats IRL...) 2 Thumbs up for cuteness!

Graphics: 2 — "It sucks...from an artistic point of view. You look at the artstyle, the details, the colouring etc. it's all over the place." That's the same remark I get for drawing the same cat in the game from an art teacher in college. DO NOT DRAW THEM LIKE THAT IRL. You ain't going to sell that shit. This game sells because there are cat fanatics like me who think they are cute...XD
Sound: 2 — Seriously, it hurts my ears. Mute this game and you will find it appealing XD
Gameplay: 3 — Its origin dates back to old ancient Chinese history. It's not that innovative in gameplay wise, but they are fancy enough to make tons of peripherals so as to attract dumb and impulsive consumers like me to invest money in it XD
Storyline: N/A — I don't think "Gotta Catch'em all" sounds original, nor the absence of a real story can be used as a standard in defining it.
Value: 2 — It's an ancient game with a cat theme skin...with entrapments and ads everywhere to tempt you. Like a responsible Canadian Devil, it's just our way to make money! XD
Honest Review:
I got one thing to say: If you love all kinds of cats, even the very weird ones, this game is for you.
(They look really cute when they do weird stuffs!)

The original game is designed for kids and encourages creative problem solving within a set of rules and limitations. It's literally a sandbox, unlike Sudoku, that follows a strong set of logics and deductions, this game gives you the room to solve the puzzle in many ways (ofc, there always is a BEST solution).

Overall —
For cat lovers: 5 out of 5 (Pur-fect!)
For kids: 3 out of 5 (You can teach kids simple problem-solving skill with this, very simple ones)
On average: 2 out of 5 (definitely a meh...)

Disclaimers: It's a casual game, so review format deviates from my standard review. Also, long time fan of the franchise.

TL;DR: I love Snoop Dogg and I can't deny it. It's a perfect 5 in my opinion, but be realistic, if you are a serious gamer, it's skippable.

Graphics: 4 — If you are a fan, you will love it. It's still 2D but with layering to create sort of 3D depth.
Sound: 2 — It's a casual can't give it a 3 and it's not bad to a 1.
Gameplay: 3 — Standard. Soothing and fun background music.
Storyline: 3 — The lemonade stand then popcorn and hotdogs...all those are logical and reasonable. Till it hits he restaurant level...Also, there isn't a real storyline associating to the original franchise...2 if I am not a fan.
Value: 3 — If you are a fan, this is a 4.
Honest Review:
I won't say this is a poor product for as a fan-service. Seriously, this looks way better than Goblin Slayer Endless Revenge or Fighting Souls (Hajime no Ippo) when they were first released.

However, will this attract enough people to pay...will it be a popular game for casual or serious fans...I have my doubts.

The gameplay is kind of innovative as it is a deviation from an ancient game on Windows...same mechanics, just different format. Ofc, adding other elements to the original is what makes it seem appealing.

Is it good for kids or does it help to educate or train your kids?
It depends. It does require strategical thinking, but it will be too complicated for average kids, also, RNG makes it unreasonably unpredictable.

Overall —
For Kids: 2 out of 5 (simply for fun)
For Fans: 5 out of 5 (because we love Snoop Dogg) [開心]
For serious gamers: 2 out of 5 (seriously, way better games than this one)
For casuals: 3 out of 5 (not distinctively good, not distinctively bad)
For graphic fanatics: 1 out of 5
For auditory appreciators: 1 out of 5 (it's not a masterpiece)
On average: 2 out of 5

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