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Reiji Loh 308929

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seriously is the only thing i can enjoy in this game 😓 5★music

Gestalt Odin


their only value is those character from different world and the SE's bgm & sfx
the square enix app-ish story setting(justice fight justice) is real boring
3d motion is super awkward
original character design is quite funny
i like their UI btw

GOETIAX | Japanese


i got a bad roll at 1st but the story that how they present it keep me playing
the next day i got an SRμ 😌
i love how they use the bgm and sfx

Bakuretsu Monster


enjoyed the gameplay so much
i like their characters too
the fighting sound effect is definitely a thing
but sad no story
pvp is super lag, i played like 10 rounds only completed1 round without disconnected

This game require VPN to run smooth
Hong Kong and China should work

Akanesasu Shojo


the whole art style ..😒
roll the gatcha for a bunch of fragments
3d animation is kinda awkward
story setting was slightly good but the whole gameplay ruined it

Dragalia Lost


good graphic
good bgm
gameplay is still good but it is getting bored
story for kids, just skip it, wasting time

Sid Story


why is this game rating so high
im confused

looks a LOT like 7th Dragon 2020 but with different combat gameplay
i like both of them so much

such efforts on character story

SINoALICE | Japanese


SE got so many many fans[不滿]

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