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Azur Lane | English


Lets start from the top: Azur Lane is EXTREMELY fair with drop rates, this is probably the kindest game you'll ever come across when it comes to character summons/drops and doesn't require p2w at all (unless you want cute/sexy shipgirl skins). I havent spent a penny on this game once and I've gotten nearly all the ships my heart desired and progressed quite far in the story without much struggle. If you love cute/sexy anime waifus/daughters this is the game for you, no matter what youre into AL will have you covered.

When i first played this game i wasnt expecting much from the gameplay and didn't know what to expect, but a bullet-hell mobile game was not what i was expecting! It's wonderfully set up too for old and new players, the layout is easy to adapt to and grinding exp and lvlling up ships is super easy but fun at the same time! it's less painstaking and more satisfying that way!

The graphics in this game are smooth and clean, the character art is superb and the designs are all super unique and they never back out on feedback or memes from the community!

The music is also absolutely incredible and even when it gets repetitive i can never find myself hating it, they also interpate a lot of musical representation too for each fraction and has a lot of emotion!

The story is this games weakpoint: it gets very confusing and is hard to understand, that doesnt mean i hate it though, and some of the event stories have successfully made me tear up multiple times! i just wish it was a little easier to understand..
Another personal opinion is how they lewd the children/lolis in this game, it kinda makes me feel gross but im not the only person playing this game and if thats what they're into i cant judge.

This is probably one of my favourite rhythm gachas thus far, and the devs are doing an amazing job at fixing glitches and patching errors almost as soon as they appear, such as buggy flick notes and multi-lives not working.

Being able to play all my favourite vocaloid songs both normally and covered by wonderfully talented seiyuus/characters while also being able to see these characters interacting is like a dream come true for me! Sadly i cant read Japanese so i cantvrate the storylibes but hopefully soneday we'll get an eng ver!

The only issue I currently have is lag, but this is most likely due to my phone and not the game itself so i cant fault it there, the note effects ARE quite flashy though and do tend to cause lag, so i only hope they eventually implement a way to change how the notes look and a way to turn off the effects for smoother gameplay.

The graphics in this game are also outstanding but don't work during gameplay and only for MVs and lives on my phone, which upsets me but not so much to the point where it makes me genuinely mad cuz even without pvs the gameplay screen is beautifully simple and helps me concentrate.

Dankira is still only new, so theres not much in it just yet, however the gameplay and the style is really enjoyable and i can't find myself hating any of the characters!
I cant rate the storyline since i can't read japanese, however its still enjoyable watching the characters interact and seeing their reactions in motion.
There arent many song choices yet as mentioned at the start, but they are for sure adding more and are adding new characters soon too!
Its easy to understand and play even without knowing japanese and the gacha system is very fair with its pulls.
Overall I think this game is well worth getting, its great fun, has amazing characters and is very simple and quick to understand and get into. The only thing i can say bad right now is that the songs can get repetitive and need a harder difficulty for me to get more of a rush out of the game.

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My phone hates me :( I love the game but I'm sad it lags so much on expert cuz of the note effects, wish there was a way to turn them off cuz I wanna try a higher level of difficulty 😭😖
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