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Beautiful game with some amazing in-game movies and songs.
Unfortunately, there seemed to be no option to tell them what gender you are, and there were a few moments where I was referred to as female which can be upsetting as it discludes male fans and lgbtq+ fans.
Additionally, there was a couple moments in the game that I considered as needing valid trigger warnings (namely a member collapsing, seemingly due to dieting, and counting calories) that didn't have them.
Furthermore, the storyline seemed a little too focused on the younger fans and as an older fan I felt quite discluded. Many times, there was the option to make a flirty response and I felt quite uncomfortable with the dialogue given my age and the age of the members in the game.
I also found it very hard to level up in the game, maybe I wasnt playing it correctly but I seemed to get stuck very often no matter what I did.

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