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waiting for english version....

as they say this is the remake from previous game woth updated graphic, sound, gameplay. tbh i still prefer the gameplay from the original one (this battle system would make the battle even longer to finish). they need to work on graphic adjustment though... (full hd is good but my 2 gb ram can't take it)
overall this game is good for anyone who want to enjoy shoumetsu toshi story even better, buuuut you need extra work+time for this

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anyone with inactive account please click link below, i'd gladly help you tooあのにむズラ
Read Note 妖怪ウォッチ ぷにぷに|オレのともだち召喚キャンペーン第5弾 「妖怪ウォッチ」が“ぷにっ”とパズルでスマホゲームに!
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