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"Don't judge people as you please".
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"Don't judge people as you please".
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god this game will make you scream!!!! i never thought of an otome game to be this entertaining...

This game really stands off on other rhythm games due to the live 3D concerts, the gameplay is pretty smooth too. The only problem in this game is that
everything has a price, from MV outfit, characters and also the event, their are also good with the song production for they characters changes their vocals when your playing a certain song. Overall, I really recommend this if you like rhythm games, but be warned that everything has a price.

graphics is getting better while it last longer. story has a vary good and unexpected twists....a pity system on the gatcha system would be great for people who don't have that much luck.....

HoneyWorks Premium Live


i can really tell that they really improved it cause the MV in youtube of heart no shuchou which is one of my favorite songs are some in black and white while here in game is full colored, well done.( ^ω^)

also i was hard for me to play it cause the judgment was off then i found out that you can adjust it manually made things easy.

all in all i had a great time playing this even without spending manage to get the 4* characters that i want, meaning the gatcha system isnt greedy

i recommend you guys to play this cause its really worth your time

this is a great game just fix the ping though. it always spikes abnormally or always red.

its graphics is way better on other moba games that i played so far, makes me hype.[色色]

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"Happy 2023" Happy New Year Guys!!!, Wish you all to have a prosperous year and good health!!!
Sauce: Twisted Wonderland
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