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Actively in dissidia opera omnia game, just starting explore the world of genshin.
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Actively in dissidia opera omnia game, just starting explore the world of genshin.
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The game is crap coz made by crappyroll.
1.graphic is good
2. sound is lost/missing sometimes
3.gameplay is pretty basic auto atk game(cant change target enemy)
4. srories its self is good coz base on novel&anime it self
5. game keep crashing, force closed, black screen, freeze scene after the recent update make it unplayable and the only respon they give "REPAIR DATA". and its doesn't work at all fyi. send another inquire u still get the same reply.
lastly if im not hold high appreciation for anime it self, im already uninstall this crap game.

im havent try it yet, coz when im wanna try its already on Road of Forever MT......

not big fans of 2D grafik game actually, but coz its tower of god im willing give it a try. hope the fix the bug or whatever happen in game coz its barely playable with this continues MT

all of charater can be SSS grade as long u had the shard, if u say this game F2P?i dont think so, gacha item its pricey in my opinion, so basicly u need more and more gacha to Grade up the chara, if u thinking about tackle down a "whale" in this game its not going to work in my opinion, money mean justice in this game. but if u a fans of date a live and just play 4 fun or just to kill time(cause energy refill will take forever/ITS SO DAMN SLOW!!!!)play this game. date system its pretty fun LoL..

Castle Bane


Nice game. but im hope dev team fix the problem in arena quickly, cheater its just pain in ass. winning the battle but lose in battle record when attacked.

Vanguard Zero | Japanese


i wonder can i finish vp achivement stuff just reach 400000 miles stone with 5 day left. only got little time to play after all (T_T) so sad. Im using cardfight vanguard database from google playstore to build the deck and see various tit for tat condition. just some info for those got problem triggering card effect.

Like the game. Im not really good with gacha thing. Sagitarius banner spend 50gem got 2 S pisces and pope. In shaka banner already spend 30gem in1st day and totally ZONK.Hahahaha
im reroll 5TIMES in first game to get Gemini saga lol

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im quit the game for good thats nail it, for those still playing as F2P wish ur luck  Read Note
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