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Can't get enough space ;-;
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Can't get enough space ;-;
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If even my potato phone could handle it, maybe your phone will handle it too! [開心]
But I myself can't handle how good this otome is. Graphics, story, fanservice AND we get battles too?? Finally something other than visual novels or rhythm games!
Also, I was super surprised how good EN VA is. I was shocked honestly. Great job!
Oh! AND this game allows you to choose and delete its components when you don't need them [大哭] This is so good!
The gacha rates are good, you can also exchange crystals you get from doing gacha for the card you want. The only problem: there's not too much ways to get gacha currency. So it's probably better to save tickets for future banners you'll really want. Especially golden tickets (I'm trying to save 70 now to guaranteed get one 5* in the future).
I like how many sweet interactions there're with our love interests. Sure, some moments were a bit cringe, but most of the time I was blushing, giggling and just happy.
The boys can recommend you something to eat, "hear you out", keep you company.. If you ask me, this game is super capable and super dangerous. The story is interesting and the interactions are funny and sweet, so it's easy to lose yourself in it.



Gacha is impossible here. It doesn't matter how good the story or characters are, with a gacha like this it's just impossible to enjoy. Most goodies are for players who are willing to pay, and still - the prices are ridiculous.
The main story is quite interesting, can't say the same about events or card stories (it depends, really).
The gameplay is okay. I got tired quickly after finishing the main story. Not only the farming is boring, but should I even care for these scraps of s-chips? With chances to pull your favorite card about zero? Yeah, right. The pity system here sucks.
Honestly, I've never seen such an unrewarding gacha game before (even Fate/Grand order seems better now lol). Like, seriously. We finally get an interesting Chinese otome game, but the way they treat their players is just disgusting.
I really hope they won't think we don't need otome games here in the future because of how crappy the responses might be. I'm positive the game is still loved and enjoyed by many (and that's great!), but there has to be not so many players if they resort to milking out of us every little penny lol. For your understanding, Chinese gacha system was more lenient. Does it mean they thought otome game wouldn't be popular in Wester? I just hope we'll see Chinese For all time in English soon... And I really hope we won't have to deal with similar experience.
Ah, forgot to mention how much that thing takes up space lol

+ Gameplay is interesting, can be forgiving for newbies and challenging for expert players.
+ Each song has its own difficulty, and it can be OH SO HIGH.
+ Music. All the songs are bangers. Utaite and vocaloid fans will love it.
+ Personally, I find almost every character cute and attractive, with enjoyable story and personality. You have enough characters to choose, but not too many to be overwhelmed. Also, there're girls and boys. Also - vocaloids.
+ Stories are better than one can expect, but I'd say, it's the case when you enjoy story because of the characters... It's still mostly slice-of-life.

Gacha is okay, if you're ready to miss some banners and play the game regularly. You also get items for every pull that you can later exchange for cards. There're accessible cards in event shops as well. (All the information is for f2p players)

~ Put your note speed to 7-8, it'll be easier to play.
~ Don't spend all your crystals instantly - later in the game you'll have fewer conversations with characters, so fewer crystals to get.
~ Don't avoid co-op, it's fun and gives you more reward.
~ Live shows can also give you crystals.
~ Don't be quick to throw all your EXP music sheets to one favorite card. You will need different cards during different events.

For now, I really enjoy the gameplay and music. Can't wait until they add more songs. I'm mostly addicted to the fun gameplay and my favorite songs.
I have several favorite characters. But can't say I'm really into the story, I read it occasionally, when I feel like it.
- Mixed groups are great, but they couldn't add a single boys band, it was too much for them to handle. Am I salty? Oh yes I am! Should I not be?

Ah. If you're used to Japanese titles, it can be a bit confusing sometimes lol.
Good luck and have fun! It's a great game for a long run.

We need global version, like right now. I'm not even kidding. This game is so interesting and beautiful that even not knowing the language didn't stop me from playing it.

Alice Closet | Japanese


Very nice game [微笑]

Just Cooking


Usually I like these types of games, but it's very hard to earn money here in order to upgrade your stuff. You receive diamonds after leveling up, but you can't get money after repeating one stage. So if you're stuck somewhere, you literally have no way to progress. Not very fun perspective [委屈]

Arknights | English


I'm glad I can fully ejoy this game, without whaling my wallet out lol. The music made its way to my playlist. The story is interesting to follow. The gameplay is real fun. And the game still improves! That's the best part of it! Also, these characters... Man, you'll love them. Even the annoying ones.
Long live Arknights.

IDOLiSH7 | Japanese


The ratings don't lie - this rhythm game is really one of the most interesting! Glad I've listened to the reviews and tried it out.

Ok, I'm sorry, but this is my third edit. It's a very dear game to me, it's the first rhythm game I've ever enjoyed. I like these characters, they became like a family to me, and I really do love the overall wholesomeness of UtaPri.
But I have to say. The gameplay and the stories (most of them) are... oof, pretty boring. Ok, I've said it! And it hurts me too, alright?! But if I have to be honest, after about of eight months of playing it, now the only thing I do is use the auto-mode and sometimes read old event stories. That's all. I like this game. I really do. But I don't PLAY it anymore. All the events are very similar... the rates are... ok, I guess. It's just I don't get so excited to have a UR card after buying it for monthly bracelets or in an event anymore. And now I'm also realizing how stingy this game is with its everyday log-in bonuses or any bonuses in general [憋屈] I just don't see a point to keep on playing other than greet my favorite idols... That's sad, man...
I'm definitely recommending this game, because it's a good start and you'll surely enjoy it at the beginning! But I wish there was more to it... So I could keep on... playing... [大哭]

I was so eager to play this game. Not disappointed at all! Though the gameplay lacks, er... actual playing. It's more about luck. But you surely can enjoy your time with it :3

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Which voice-over language do you use? Dear Hunters! [開心] I'm curious what language do you use for voices?? Please share your experience!
I personally usually go with Japanese/Chinese, but this time I decided to try something different heh. It's convenient to listen to audio stories in English while doing your chores or going to sleep! The English version is also surprisingly good, I was genuinely impressed! (well, not with Bunny Xavier's singing, I'm sorry, he really tried, but that's just not it 😂) I guess it's more about your habits and preferences in the end, but still! I'm interested in what others are thinking.
(this question is NOT about which voice acting is "the best" or "correct", so please, don't be offensive/offended with opinions, thank you!)
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