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Clash Of Sky丨English




Guardian Tales | Global


I whole heartedly love this game from the jokes to the call backs to older movies and games the gameplay is Superb but it is imo too imbalances in the weapon reliance if you can get a unit but not the weapon you'll fall off really bad but overall the chibi graphics the story loving it so far

ToL aside from the non landscape gameplay it find it pretty good. But the menu imo is a little bit too messy for my taste i havent spend too much time on it to write any much more though

Blade Girl: Idle RPG


simple idle game that can be us for a bit of killing time but it keeps disconnecting for me so idk if its me or its the game

Onigiri HEROES


This is literally a port from the console and pc to your phone nothing much to say about it tbh

Alchemy Stars | Global


A unique tile game blend with Gacha element which can be as painful as Arknights but a very fun game nonetheless with nice graphics and a challenging difficulty curve. And a roster of Plenty waifus and husbandos for you to choose from with decent event rewards. If you tile matching games maybe you'll enjoy it
Note: if you dont get lucky in the gacha you can still be creative and make a team that works, having op unit just lets you do really dumb stuff as far as i can tell
Edit: and like Arknights you get a guarranteed 6* unit on a Newbie gacha roll



good enough ig need to spend more time with it

God speed my friends

Ok first off the review of that one guy is totally wrong except for his 3rd statement
But aside from that tutorial stops at 1-3 where you can do anything the free ssr banner has 3 char that are decent and getting free gems is easy auto play unlocks at around 2-5 sweep is further but at level 30 it lets you do 10 sweep and draw rates as far as i can tell every time i don't get an ssr the next pull i'll get one maybe it's just me but the way the duplicate one's you already have pleases me cause if it's an ssr you get enough shards to rank up to 4* like 3*+3* to four and the R characters are strong if you know what you're doing especially the cat girl April her attacks and ultimate crits alot
Edit: tutorial stops at 1-3 but as you level up they'll give a cutscene introducing a new mechanics but since most of us can't read jp and you can't skip it kinda makes you feel it's still in the tutorial zone

If you know the characters it can be a nice experience

Honkai Impact 3rd | SEA


my gems.... help...

The story is just a typical time travelling to save the world but it is rather enjoyable. gameplay is nice not too hard not too easy like traditional rpg although getting money and materials can sometimes be a chore. The gacha system is fine i've gotten 5 star characters without much trouble(might've been luck). all n all the game is solid

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