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Dancing City


This game has different mode, ranking mode, fashion mode, photoshoot, multiplayer mode and single player mode.

The song in the game is nice and there is three difficulty mode based on the song[開心][不滿]

There is limited time discount for gacha which give you a mix of Clothes and material. Clothes can be hard to get while material is easy[驚訝]

Main quest in game are good to do as they give us very good reward. There is daily quest for us to do but its very limited in a day, when you reached some lvl, you need to lvl up through playing the same song and different mode.

There is also a star lvl system where you lvl up through different mode but in those different mode, they will give you more exp in playing the mode 5 times or less and after it will just normal exp which is less to me🌟

At the start of the game, you will feel that there is no connection issues but after you play this game for very long, the connection issue keeps coming up which causes score or combo drop[發怒][發火][大哭]

Rebirth Online


the gender of each class is fixed and i can't customise my character.😓 The gameplay is almost same as other nexon game

V4 | Global


when joining a server need to queue and every server is full[發困]

Engage Souls


I like that there is free 10 reroll at start[開心]

Gacha - 2500 star gems for 10 rolls, 1500 star gems is given at start as you do beginner quest, you will be able to draw another 10 rolls

Graphics is nice and its quite exciting when competing with other player or NPC[哇噻]

Hunger/stamina are limited when you want to grade up a character to D/B/C/A in overall ability in a team story mode.

Some parts of gameplay like react action with !, i don't understand how it work like do we click the exclamation mark ! or ???[為什麼]

the game took very long to load after log in[發怒], i think the japan version is better than chinese.

Currently there is only like beginner quest to do, 20 gems for each 10 task done

Gacha for 10 roll required 200 gems



The unit given to us throughout the story were all SSR character

The only things i can do is play main story, Gacha was not good. Graphics was acceptable.

Diva Destiny | Chinese


At the opening of the game, it has more event that give more rewards [害羞]than now with only one event and lesser song coming in.[發怒]

i like the music[開心] except the gameplay of the music as the notes for expert mode is not so organised like it was at left side then suddenly at right side [暈]

A3! | Japanese



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