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Livly Island


My new pass time game when I'm bored.

Having pets/creatures to take care of really does make my mind quite relaxed.

·Graphics good
·Interesting music (some are very ASMR-like so it's pleasing to the ears)
·A lot to do in-game (pretty easy to rack up currency over time so I like it)
·TRADE system! Really helpful when you're trying to finish a set and in need of the last few items.

Overall, really cute game. There's also another called MetaLivly which is basically the same but in their own words, "digitalized livlies living through your screen" or something along the lines.
Only difference is that you can exchange between currencies you have (GP and dd) to one another while Livly Island, for GP, you have to buy them with real money/in packs.

Do give it a try, you may become addicted to it without knowing.

Rhythm Hive


Since it's only beta, there's not much to it.
·Graphics are great!
·Music 999/10 (of course it's great so...)
·Gameplay so-so / IMHO, SSBTS had a better gameplay to me. Only time will tell if SuperbCorp ever try to enhance it.
·MISSIONS. Something to do in the game. Like, events maybe? Hopefully on the 28th, they'll be an event to welcome the users officially with more ways to gain currency and cards.

Overall, I enjoy it. Waiting eagerly for the official launching.

Final Fate TD | Global


Quite an enjoyable game to play. Not something I would spend my time and energy on it tho.

Guardian Tales | Global


Great game so far, really like it.

Since I like games with pixel-like graphics, more the reason for me to play. Gacha rates kind of sketchy tho, except when it's guaranteed on x times after.
Gameplay acceptable, maybe its my fingers but overall great. Wish there was a friend list function since there seems to not have one.

I recommend this for any pixel lover games such as me.



game not updated so i cant download it back. ill send an email about this to the QooApp staff.

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Random crashes? Hmmm, its been going on for a few weeks now... Like it would randomly crash when the loading screen takes too long and it says "Guardian Tales has crashed". This is not a storage problem and I always clear my background apps whenever I play the game. Any tips for the constant crashes? Read Note
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