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Guardian Tales | Global


Easily one of the best mobile games . The story is interesting and the quality stays consistent throughout the whole game. The gameplay is really fun and the controls are great. It's level design is where the game shines the most. Every level feels unique and there are a lot of side quests, secrets and puzzles. Once you complete some of levels on normal difficulty, you can play though them again on more difficult modes but what sets this game apart from many other games is that the new difficulty actually introduces a new story to the levels so that you won't feel like you're playing though the same thing again. The game features coop, boss raids, pvp(Automatic. You get ranked by trophies like clash of clans/royale), a mini game where you can build a town and harvest resources for upgrades, items and perks and it also has exp/awakening dungeons where you will be able to farm for resources. The gacha rate could be better and the gacha currency becomes scarce as you progress through the game However the gacha can easily be ignored since the game is fun.

Custom Cast


Not bad but there are not many free outfits to choose from (specially swimsuits and skirts) so if you want more you will have to spend. Not much customisation for Male characters and there is only a single attire for male!!! what the hell? xD You cannot die parts of your outfit individually. There's only a limited set of colours as well (I can't die my waifu's hair white? Note: apparently you can but it's not very obvious how you can do it). There's also some clipping with certain outfits. Be aware that this does not have any nsfw content so if you're expecting to have your waifu in a bikini doing a lewd pose you're going to be disappointed....not that i tried to do that of course..[怪笑] Overall it's a decent app but i just wish they add more customisation for male characters.

I am not really into a gacha games but i'm glad i stumbled upon this gem. From the story, the combat to the soundtrack...everything has been carefully crafted and it's f2p friendly. I've been playing for a year now and i have 18 5*. There's a lot of grinding later on after you complete the 1st part of the story, but it doesn't take away the fun and doesn't feel like a chore like in most other games of this genre. The artstyle is amazing, for a 2d game...they truly poured a lot of work into making the characters interesting and relatable (Most of em have their own side story btw, which is really cool). The music reminds me a lot of old school rpgs and they never get old, never feel repetitive. Game is regularly updated. Superb events. Game is really solid and is one of the best mobile jrpg games out there imo. Give it a try!![賣萌]

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