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Memento Mori


Played it and I love it

I love the artstyle, the music is a masterpiece also they put a lot of effort into it like they got seperate music and VA for eng and jp

Nothing much on gameplay since its an idle game BUT you will still need to progress your campaign to get high amount of exp when you go afk

Storyline is beautiful although they all have dark past that makes you want to dig more through the story and while you get deeper and deeper it gets more and more interesting

Overall its great every last minute detail, it is perfect

I can say that this game is great but I wont be playing this for long since my phone cant handle it and keeps game crashing for me, but if you have high performance phone maybe you can enjoy it.

It has a basic combat mechanics but that doesnt mean you can just spam those attack buttons, because for you to get combo you need to timing your attacks. high combo=high damage output, movements are auto you may only want to move it to dodge some AOE attacks.

Graphics are good for a 3d waifu mecha game, audio kinda bug and the gacha rates are pretty decent enough, I dont know much about the storyline since the game keeps crashing cause of my potato phone.

If you love guns and also anime then GirlsFrontline is the best to try and play

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