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this is free on the play store. you can get it there.



I keep this one short. This game is nothing but amazing. Graphics are beautiful, and suprisingly they fit all the groups despite the different concepts. Sound is good. Gameplay is pretty good. All around good game. When recording for this game, it does get laggy, for me. so if you are planning to make content, depends on the device. i have an s8. I hate the timing window in this game. its just terrible. i only got Full excellent twice and I almost have all full combos for expert

How to play Dobon
It's similar to Uno yet different.
The goal is to either get a dobon or get an agari. Agari is getting rid of all of your cards. And dobon is when an another player places a card that is the sum of your cards. For example, player 1 places a 10, and you have an 8 and a 2. Call out dobon and you win, unless someone else calls dobon after you call out dobon. Ace is 1, Jack is 11, Queen is 12, and King is 13. 8 are wild cards, 2 and 3 are draw cards, Queens are reverse, and Jacks are skip. Draw cards can stack as long as it's the same number. Players can bust though if they get too many cards and the game ends.Play it like Uno.

IDOLiSH7 | Japanese


My main problem is tutorials. But a bigger problem is the timing, the timing is unbelievably uncomfortable. and also, you have to unlock expert, bad idea. at least start me on hard if i could choose. They're "hi" speed, is slow as shit. my great great grandmother can run a mile and she still beat the game before the first song ends, she's dead. The game is slow as shit, the timing is awful, the game is style over function, looks amazing, gameplay is shit. Just fucking let me at least start on hard to unlock expert. I played the song once I shouldn't have to play it again to gat a higher difficulty.



My few critiques are that the controls can feel a bit unresponsive and the arching design of how the notes come out can be very confusing because if you need to tap 2 notes together but 4 are coming it's very confusing. And the color scheme does make a few colors look like others if you can't look at them directly. The first song メロスよ, has a part where you hold 1, let go and tap 1, and tap the other side and hold the other, but the design makes it look like I need to tap twice, which is confusing. This game reminds me of the first AKB48 rhythm game which has a similar design and gameplay. But overall an easy and fun game. I have another problem, there is no good visual sign of me actually tap the tiles, unlike AKB48 Beat Carnival where you push it and it actually makes it smaller making it look you pressed it. A huge chunk of screen is just wasted, my instinct to tap it, (same with the far left and right sides) even by accident, I miss, in short, game is not hard bad design makes it. This was beta, now it works better. But the bad design still retains, I miss some because i hit over the beats. The arching design is confusing, they make the notes look like they're moving, my advice, just do a straight line make our lives easier.



This game is great, but there are still a few gripes i still have of this game. Mainly notifications, they block half the screen. Second, the system that tracks you finger placement is based by lines, which is fine at first, but that means, if your finger resting slips, it counts it as a hit, aswell as if you're just like about 1cm off from the beat, you miss it. Third, just a suggestion, add more sister groups, Matsui Jurina and Okada Nana doesn't count. Because, they were a part of AKB48 the group for some time. Finally, the timing. Ok, i had so many problems with this one. I hit 2 beats a the same time like I'm supposed to, but I get a good or less and this goes for all of the other beats. You might be thinking, it's because you need to practice. I've been playing this game for about a year, Rank 128, Beat 58 songs (First cleared 125), Full combo 54 expert, 2 hard, 6 easy. 34 of the full combos of expert are full excellent and 2 of the easy are full excellent. (Hate 20💎 for R)

Finally returned, I don't know what the fuck happened but I gotten 10 times better than before. So, I'm satisfied. But, i have a new complaint, when the member's power comes up, i can't see the upcoming notes. Edit: My original changed and i can turn the member's power light up off.

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The timing windows Does the timing window feel off for anyone. I'd say I'm a good player, but after hundreds of tries and playing the game. i got Perfect Full Combos twice. i hope they add that line from osu that shows the timing. Because I feel like I can't possibly be that bad at getting it. Even on easier difficulties, i still can't get it. i wish that they make the timing just a bit more forgiving. Read Note
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