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How To Raise a Harem


lewd, afk/idle, decent ssr rates,well worth a download ⚡

Crazy Kick!


Decent freekick game, ad and IAP push heavy though

I Am Zombie


Solid roguelike with good graphics, easy gameplay and no real push for IAP, recommended

Turn based idle game, the artwork is good, and that's the only thing that is good. Non-existent gameplay and the actual sprites look bad.

엔젤 사가


well, fails to load with error 'failed to load ad' so if you Adblock you won't be able to play. Shit game trying to force ads on you.

Dragon Smash


This game "borrows" quite a few things from other games. UI is straight from World Flipper, Character animation is from Norns Fantasy and some of the character designs are from Puzzle and Dragons. Gameplay is idle, so no actual puzzle going on, the game auto matches for you and you summon your team to defend your crystal. It's weird, I should hate it but I don't, I'll stick around for a while.



I'm seriously on the fence about this game. The idea is great, bullet hell 1v1 or 2v2 arena. The characters are kind of boring though and the community is kind of small so matchmaking takes time. It feels like a beta but isn't, it definitely has potential to be amazing.

Dragon Brawlers


Just no, sad excuse for a money grub really.

Death Coming


One way entertainment, funny how their company at least knows what kind of games they want to make. except not even nthe first stage of this game is entertaining.

Blockchain, cryptocurrency "game". The idea it self is fine, but horrible execution. The "game" is a browser gsme so the app is just it's own browser that launches the game, in messed up resolution. It looks janky as hell and it feels not at all ready.

Valkyrie's Coat of Arms


Is this even a game? Just text and images? Art is fine but just looking at images is not a game IMO.

Legend of Arena


well, it's a good idea. Too bad it's poorly executed. Slow loads, glitchy gameplay. can't recommend

Reserve TOP10 | Japanese


Great for keeping track of upcoming games and to get pre-register rewards, nothing more, nothing less.

Sangoku Taisen Smash!


How do i even start? I have been playing this game for over 3 years now and I don't see myself stopping anytime soon. Waifus overload, soooo many waifus and so many banners, events and things always changing, the game never gets stale, loads of collabs as well. Slingshot mechanic is easy to understand, and now there is even autoplay which is just amazing for endless farming. Just play it, you won't regret. [色色]

Girl Cafe Gun | Japanese


Bullet hell with waifus, just perfect. Great graphics, good VA, interesting story, lots of events, decent gacha rates make this a game I keep coming back to. Even autoplay works rather well and you can steer while auto is on so just dodge and let the waifus do the shooting! 11/10

Sacred Blade


To all y'all's who are hating on this game - why? It has everything going for it, a unique puzzle mechanic, waifus, multiplayer, gacha, etc! Only downside IMO is the shit rates and getting the stones required is too tedious.



I did not expect to enjoy this game, but I have played now for an hour or so and I can say it's decent. The characters are different with different positions and different skills, there is also skins and other in game purchases. Multiplayer is the downside, ppl are afk a lot which is annoying. Minus for no gacha 😏

Requires access to all of your phone basically, calendar, voice, contacts, location and other unnecessary stuff. Also it requires Chinese ID and phone number, don't even bother trying unless you have that. 100% trash - AVOID!



weibo required, shit Chinese game

Have you always dreamt of being a commander or a general? Let me guess - you didn't fulfil this dream because the army lacks one thing, weapons that are actually cute girls?

Well look no further, this game has exactly that, cute MP40s, cute p1911 and risque sniper rifles, what more do you want!?

The gameplay is easy to learn, there is no big paywall to get started, and it is not super grindy either.

So what are you waiting for? Take command today and lead your cute but deadly weapons to victory today!

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