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I don't know if anyone wanted to play a game as idle as this one, but apparently I enjoyed it very much. The illustrations of the frog going on fantastic travels around Japan are so gorgeous. It seems confusing and a bit tidious at first, but it's actually fun. You don't do much, but it gives you fulfilling reward every time the frog comes home. I just love it.

It's basically PokéGo, but Harry Potter style. There are different elements to it, of course. We can brew potion (not as fun as the one in old Pottermore, but okay), and we are playing to restore balance, which is quite... compelling, I must admit. Did they really hire Daniel Radcliffe to voice those three lines at the beginning? I was shooketh. The sound and the illustrations (especially the weather cards) are something I totally live for. Perfection. However, it lags from time to time. You really need stable connection when playing or else. When I first played, it wouldn't even load, but a few hours later it finally opened.



First of all, it's JoJo characters in CHIBI form with paper-style in papekura mansion! Can't pass that up. The sound is so true to the JoJo style and I love it. The gameplay is simple, yet so engaging, spiced up by the very idea of having Time Stop stand, too. Certainly, now I need to seriously learn Japanese lest they have no plan to give it an English option.

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Sharing the master note for the newest potion in the game: Tonic for Trace Detection. Read Note
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