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I am here for the waifus and booba! I also have a YouTube channel for regular non-booba games.
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I am here for the waifus and booba! I also have a YouTube channel for regular non-booba games.
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Bless Global


Thr game is a bot simulator, but it has tje right idea when it comes to graphics, it allows you to view the angles that matter, and gives your character the right amount of curves. You fellas know what I'm talking about.

Victory Belles


The art isn't as cultured as I would like it, but it has a certain charm with the gameplay that keeps me going. Hard to find that in a game, however, the UI could use some improvement, it's easy to get lost even with the correct language.

魂器學院 | 繁中版


There is 100% an R18 version of this game somewhere. The base models aren't that cultured, but those skins tell a different story.

Revelation | SEA


It's aight, but can't customize the booty and booba, so it's a no for me. The graphics looks good tho....

The Six Worlds Wind God


The only reason it's rated 18+ is because the region prevents minors from playing more than 3 hours per day. It's 100% a kids game tho.

Angel Legion


Not gonna lie, it's a solid game, but it's just missing a few camera angles, if you know what I mean. It was designed for the cultured, but it's not cultured enough for my tastes. 🧐

This is not the version to play, they censored it a bit, even tho the english version is kinda censored, they still let you see the uncensored versions.



A pretty old game that I had played before, but not the uncensored version. Nice to see the devs were cultured.



Strange tetris like building RPG, no booba and the good units are lolis, so not for me. Also, not a cultured game. 🚫

Blue Reflection Sun


It's good but no booba, if there was booba they cut them from the game. It's just another regular gacha, better get the DMM version I guess. [汗顏]



It was made with the cultured community in mind, but no actual exposed nipple. So for that fact, cant really recommend it right now. Another drawback is that there is no English.

Eternal Tree | Japanese


I came for booba, I know there was some amount of culture in the game based on screenshots seen. However, there wasn't much from what I saw, and not worth 4GB of space. The graphics looks nice tho and the gameplay seems to have a lot of complexity. I highly recommend trying it out, there's no English tho, gonna have to figure that shit out with a translator.

Goddess Era


It's a game I thought was a bit too sexy for the playstore. I am glad QooApp picked it up, I did suggest it a few months ago. It should be a good one, might jump back into it a little bit.

another game that requires you to buy the main plot, you cant even get an ending without purchasing.



It's rated 18+ because I think you can purchase the r-18 stuff in the game. the base game is boring tho, didnt understand anything, just kids in the woods fighting

White Melody


You already know why I'm here, but you won't find any of that in this game. It was built with the cultured community in mind, but they might have over censored it. I will post some pictures over there 👉🏾.



Pretty basic, and the models aren't cultured enough, i would say try another idle game. You can test it out, but it's not even in English, so yeah ....



i initially thought this was a VPN restricted game that as in Chinese only, which is why there were mixed reviews. I was wrong, this actually has English and requires no VPN, some cultured looking models with live2D. The unit crafting is cute, but time consuming and it has VIP, so it's kinda P2W, you know how it is with these games. Give it a try and see if you like it.

I wish I had found rhis earlier, it's in English and uncensored, the only problem is that I can't top up, but it should be free to play friendly enough. Time to start over again, played for months on English and Japanese servers



It's pretty good looking, has voice acting and the models look good both in 2D and 3D, plus it has jiggle booba physics. It doesn't get much better than that, it was made with the cultured community in mind.

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Looks interesting However, it could be heavily censored or incorrectly rated.  Read Note
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