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I am here for the waifus and booba! I also have a YouTube channel for regular non-booba games.
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I am here for the waifus and booba! I also have a YouTube channel for regular non-booba games.
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I played it when it was called Shadow brides, it was a bit more uncensored back then, the devs were going in with sexualizing the models. This version did add some story elements, but the booba levesls were turned down. Still a great game, want to see what else they added.



idk man, they basically mashed a lot of sto...I mean borrowed assets....not sure i wanna support this.

Maiden‘s Haven Academy


Mr Qoo snuck another one in, didnt even see it on the game catelog, such a man of culture! The models could use a little polish with the L2D tho

White Chord | Japanese


I love roguelike games, but the game seems to have been based on some stolen/shared art assets, so it's pretty lackluster. Also not much culture here as well...

One of the first gacha games to literally have you play as a prostitute, I kid you not. [懵懂]

Rising: War for Dominion


It's pretty outdated with the gameplay, the graphics aren't that great either, so it was hard to get through.



It says its still under maintenance since the 16th of this month.

Archeland | Japanese


Pretty nice gacha game with very great graphics, the models are very good looking as well, but its pretty big on storage space.

You already know why I'm here and the art looks pretty damn good.



Saw the requirement for an ID and stuff and uninstalled instantly.

Ange Relink


I like the artstyle, but there are a few glitches that causes the game to crash.

Fate Corridor


It's a gacha game built around AI art, not a bad one either, the devs actually put a little effort into including some jiggle physics and L2D. The culture is 100% there as well, so this will be another one to the QooApp exclusives.



Seems it requires Chinese credentials to play.

Nijigen Kanojo


I think this game is trying to get me to buy a sex toy...[難過]

Ares: Rise of Guardians


It has a boob and butt slider, what else could you ask for?

Sangoku Taisen Smash!


a very cultured game, but the graphics can look a bit dated for today's standards.

There is some culture to be found, but the game design is not my cup of tea.

A pretty nice shooter with good waifu models, but it's a bit too engaging for my busy lifestyle, I would play it on the pc tho without a doubt.

Fun little idle game, but no booba here...

Muv-Luv Dimensions


There is potential in this one, I see the culture in the character designs, plus this is a very old anime, would love to see more on it.

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Some dangerous art
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