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I am here for the waifus and booba! I also have a YouTube channel for regular non-booba games.
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I am here for the waifus and booba! I also have a YouTube channel for regular non-booba games.
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The graphics is cartoony and unique, the gameplay is pretty simple, however, the female characters have a lot of personality from the back if you check 😏.

pixel art game nothing special and not much culture.

Mecha Girls Survivor


Really nice rogue like game with booba models, give it a try and see how you like it.

not sure if the game is working properly, no tutorials or idk what to say about it really.

Girls Hunting Raising


Same AI generated catgirl like 50 times, nothing cultured about this one bois!

It's a republished version of an AI art generated RPG, it's pretty cultured, but you know, ai and stuff, not much to do in it. Love the infinite reroll at the start.

This is the sfw version of the game, there is a nsfw version on that site that sounds like otaku.

It says it's an adult game, but i have no idea what i am doing....[暈]

Girls' Lane


Wannabe azure lane, pretty generic models, you can check it out but it's meh....

Another AI art game, the art looks nice, but it's pretty basic, but very cultured.

Xanadu Land


It's a top down arpg, pretty fun but demanding when it comes to be actively dodging attacks. Very rewarding though when you find a new item to equip. You also have other players roaming the world, I really enjoy these type of games.

Tales of Grimm


remake of an ancient game revived to squeeze out more money.

Wtf even is this game? looks like a desperate attempt for a cash grab.

It's aight, not much culture here though, just a few characters to collect. However, there is a gem multipler system to make it easier to save up gems, which is nice.

Duel Adventure


The models are pretty thicc, but they are chibi, so not too appealing, dont tbink i will play long enought to even appreciate the gallery, which requires you to own the character to see the 2d art.

Sexy Adult Coloring Book


Not sure if this game actually does have any good content...the art available is limited and doesn't seem to have what was advertised.

Tavern Legend


The art seems to be ai generated, the models are pretty cultured. The gameplay is pretty simple, however, I kinda like it, reminds me of those cooking games. Give it a try and judge it for yourself.

Destiny Oracle


I think at this point they are just re-releasing the game with a different name.

Chibi style mmo, the models are alright, but not quite my style.

Edge of Chronicle


If it's cultured, I will support!

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