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I am here for the waifus and booba!
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I am here for the waifus and booba!
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Border's Alchemist


Shop simulator, pretty dull if you ask me.

Fashion Dream


This one is for the birds...

Echocalypse | SEA


Pretty decent character models and animations, definitely made for men of culture tho. There are hidden boobas if you look closely.



Some decent looking models, I like how they tried to be sexy, but the models look a bit dated. They still look good, but they have a plastic appearance.

Shadow Brides


Very sexy art in this one bois, I know we can all appreciate that. I hope the devs take the feedback and provide us with more cultured content [怪笑]

Waryong Three Kingdoms


You can find one or two nips here or there, but nothing special, the characters have been recycled from other similar 3 kingdom games. So it gets a meh from me...

I was able to login and create a profile name then 10 seconds later get disconnected. Truly a game ready for the nation of cultured men! 10/10 will disconnect again!

Operation Black Arc M


There is an x-rated version on nutaku now, plus it's in English.



Pretty nice graphics and UI, if you like tower defense this is up your alley, but i couldnt understand the story since it was not in English. PS - not much booba/oppai action in this one, you do get greeted with cleavage tho.

Planet Master


There is some booba potential in this one, you can give it a try and see if you like it. But there are rumors of this being a dead game, so there is that...

Crypto Ball Z on WEMIX


Not sure if this is worth playing in it's current state, the servers disconnects every 10 seconds and you have to reopen the game.

Infection X Girl


There seems to be a ton of characters and the art looks nice, but it might be censored. The game also runs at a snail's pace due to the Japanese servers or poor optimization.

Rise of Girls


There is a lewd version of this game on Nutaku. not sure if it's the same devs or if they ripped the models from this one.

Bankrupt Devil


I love rogue likes, so i might be a bit biased, but this one is pretty solid.

Merge Girls : Idle RPG


As a free to play player, I seem to be getting way luckier than i should be, already have almost half the SSR units on the first day. Also, the game looks nice and I had fun .

Amnesia in the Sky


The art aint bad, but the UI is trash and doesnt seem to have a lot of L2D or booba action.

Chrono Astrea


Sexy chibi models but no real booba action. [憋屈]



I played it a lot on PC, a nice rogue-like game if you are a fan. The costumes are kinda nice too.

Played this game in several different languages, I am glad it's in english now. Truly a game for the cultured. [怪笑]



not the best rpg game, the art style in nice, but the censorship and lack of gameplay is meh.

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R18 version I could have sworn there was an r18 version or maybe just some of these models on nutaku. It was called galaxy forbidden zone. Read Note
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