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I'm love of the game :)
Allen Yu 2948515

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I'm love of the game :)
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Deep Insanity ASYLUM


I am liking now. Pretty easy to grind events for a limited tries. 5 tries on each grind quest. Someday I'll challenge into higher levels if I upgrade my unit to high level. Epicly online RPG 💖💗💖💗



Not a rhythm game, but School girl striker is super duper perfect with game play and rhythm. But it's fine, sulit 👍

On Air!


It's already passed in August 2021, supposedly no longer functional now but it's still working but offline not working still. Never play this game and since released 2018? Not sure if I'm right or wrong the year release. But I'm out of chance to play full to see my card collection so far and unlocked. But that is fine until you release offline version and have memory size into 7 or more GB. Thanks again 🏆

Kizuna Striker


Apparently, it's not work anymore. Service already shut down 💔
It should be my fave school life and I don't care for football like ESPN alike âšœđŸ„‡đŸ†

My fave card game all the time, Yu-Gi-Oh! It's time to duel and trust the heart of cards [擇晻][擇晻][擇晻][擇晻][擇晻]

Angry Birds 2


Bad piggies are go home but angry birds are heroism [擇晻][擇晻][擇晻][擇晻][擇晻]

License verification failed [性擭][性擭][性擭][性擭][性擭]
Gotten a anti piracy measure 😭😭😭😭😭

Oh [ç™Œć›°]

NORN9 (Mobile)


This is better than PSP and graphics has enhanced, I love this game for Norn9, epic [擇晻][擇晻][擇晻][擇晻][擇晻]

Dear My Magical Boys


Shut down already [性擭][性擭][性擭][性擭][性擭]

Cat Love


Death game server [no][no][no][æ†‹ć±ˆ][æ†‹ć±ˆ][æ†‹ć±ˆ]

I love this game for random interaction with students, internet connection is not required to play [擇晻][擇晻][擇晻][擇晻][擇晻]



Offline version, no game play, that's fine still my fave heroes xD

Seiran High School


This is pretty good, there's a bug there if you possess 99 items and you cannot use it and game crashes after you buy one item, I suggest you avoid to buy items into maximum and stay 98 quantity. This is cool offline game ❀❀❀❀❀

First Love Story


Amazing [擇晻][擇晻][擇晻]

Toon Blast


Maganda ito [擇晻][擇晻][擇晻]

Full Voice Rubbish RPG


Too short RPG game ever and too shabby 😂😈😖😈

Grimms Notes Repage


Well, game closing extended to June 17th and first time to play, hopefully will make offline after closure [ćŸźçŹ‘][ćŸźçŹ‘][ćŸźçŹ‘]

Gacha World


I loving it [擇晻][擇晻][擇晻][擇晻][擇晻][擇晻][擇晻][擇晻][擇晻][擇晻][擇晻][擇晻][擇晻][擇晻][擇晻][擇晻][擇晻][擇晻][擇晻][擇晻]

Game shut down [no]😱😱😱

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Walang Sala I found out to play my iPad mini 5, no problem has occurred and works normally, but memory space are over 4 GB, painful, hopefully can stable enough, now I'm happy for playing MMO, plus with auto features for those people who busy for house work, playing other games and even console games such as Nintendo Switch. Finally at last [擇晻][擇晻][擇晻][擇晻][擇晻] Read Note
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