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Pretty good idle game and great music 😀
I love anime game [哇噻]

Dawn Break -Origin-


Epic offline game for anime curiosity [哇噻][哇噻][哇噻]

Samurai Tactics


Lololol [暈][暈][暈]
Online moron [no]

Ast Memoria


Okay, pretty neat game but no game play, this is only memoria version. Love this and I never had played, quite worth of it 😆

Mercenaries Saga


This is just like FF Tactics and Fire Emblem games, I wish they have English translation for this 😀
But that's fine, great game 🖒

I love this to read Manga even it's Japanese and I won't resist it. Finally got merged from my old ebook Japan account to new ebook Japan and I'm happy with it 😀😀😀



Offline feature has died after service shut down, WTF

Well, this is to be true offline visual novel, I love male game [哇噻][哇噻][哇噻]

Splendid offline RPG [哇噻]

Totally amazing and I love it 😀

Hortensia Saga | Japanese


Superb as a fantastic game and I loving this now like an old school Suikoden games 💖💖💖✌✌✌

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I just wanted to tell, if I spend 300 diamonds, will I get a 1 5 stars card guaranteed? Read Note
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