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the re rolling system is top notch.
gameplay can get a bit borimg tho, but all together is a pretty enjoyable game so i definitely recommend it.

its very good however dont spend any real money since everything costs way to much.

[哇噻]great game with good graphics.
has really good playable characters and a decent story.

ARK: Survival Evolved


not a good copy of ark.
gameplay is bad and their is continuous lag, also the main menu is devastating.


the game shines in pve but failes to catch my attention in pvp as their is no way to try new units out and have fun as many toxic goat accounts are running around with the same spam characters such as.
blue demond meliodas.
both esconars.
blue king (ult rush).
and especially lost vayne meliodas.
not just that but most of the people who want to trade are such scammers as they are rank 20 or below account with tons of fake ssr as all they did is cheat them in or use an online picture of a youtubers goated account or their own goated account.
thats why i have to rate it this low.

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Trading my discord is TANGERINEMAN#5573  Read Note
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