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Really interesting and diverse. Can't wait for global.

Diablo Immortal | Global


Can't access

Yurutto Jump+ Allstars



Blue Archive | Japanese


Game in maintenance h24 unfortunately...

Arcana Tactics


Very strong game. Steep learning curve but really enjoyable so far. Atm it's pretty f2p friendly which is nice.
Only downsides are a good chunk of content still in dev and the fairly big amount of game breaking bugs.

The game is pretty good. While the fight gameplay is not the most original, it's still not common and the gameplay around the stages and stuff is original and refreshing to see. Game is still in dev, many features missing but you should try it.

SinoAlice is really bad, why bother copying it ?

SINoALICE | Global


People have waited so long for it they are now afraid to speak the truth..

Firstly I was shocked by how rusty and unpolished it looks. It looks like a 2002 game esthetically, even games on Nintendo DS looked better.

Secondly came the gacha. You gacha for weapons... How unnerving is that? There is no real excitement in pulling for a stick or a sword. They barely are noticeable as you spam 20+ of them in combat.

Thirdly came the gameplay. Well... There is no gameplay... An auto-fighter where you watch AI spams random weapons at waves of enemies and voila. Yup, that's it. You can turn on manual or try to advocate for it, it was designed that way and there is no salvation for it.

Finally, seeing all the above points I couldn't get into the story. You sometimes have to look at your screen to watch 1-2 pseudo scary cutscenes but at this point there was no will left in me anymore. I suppose it's ok? But why would anyone go through that torture for a couple of badly animated scenes...

TLDR; Download the game, open it, see the emptiness in it, come back to reread this and realize all there is left to do is hit the uninstall button.


Arknights | English


Everything is great about this game. And it has the best community ever.

Pokémon Masters EX


It's a straight up con, don't bother. Worse business plan than EA's and it's not even good.

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