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games; metal; anime; work; sleep!
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games; metal; anime; work; sleep!
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Clover Theater | Japanese


cuteness overload [開心] characters are designed incredibly detailed with the cutest form in mind. gameplay is all hands-off but watching the cute monster waifus do skills and attacks are pretty refreshing and fun. totally recommended

Argent Twilight


i was shocked by the high production value during the first 20 minutes! professional voice acting, vibrant color schemes, amazing skills animation together with smooth gameplay made me put this game on my favorite list. i really wasn't expecting this much coolness before i start playing. totally recommended [開心]



the game is based on Vampire Surviver on Steam and it does a very good job to make the gameplay as close as possible. the only difference between the two games is that Vampire Survivor is only playable on Steam and in a paid game but DarkSurvival is free2play mobile game which is a very big plus. there are way much more content in DarkSurvival that makes it incredibly addicting! so you need to play at your own risk[賣萌] trust me, you won't be able to get enough sleep!

Heroes of Crown | SEA


amazing game! the amount of content is stunning. i actually lose track of time trying to play through each one. very generous towards all players giving out rewards for any and every little achievement[賣萌] to those who claim that the monetization is predatory! i just suffice to say that i haven't spent a dime so far but my hero roster and overal power is very satisfying to go through game content. i am even eager to get you my account info to go see it for yourself. although, i am going to make regular purchases to support the game. just go check it out for yourselves[驚訝][微笑]

Anima of Quantmix


i used to play this game when it was in vertical dimensions on KR server. although i couldn't understand the language, characters and skills made me stick with it.
now that it is in kinda english! i will have an easier time playing. additionly, lots of changes has been made since the vertical time! from graphics, story, UI to skills and characters which is a very big plus.
the only thing that needs to be done right now is to polish the translations. thanks for bringing back the cat girls[開心]

yabai desine! been playing priconn on jp server for 2 years before gl servers and i have no regrets starting over from scratch. absolutely recommended [哇噻]

Alchemy Stars | Global


my all time favorite game after Chaos Chronicles! alchemy Stars is a genre defining game with amazing story, flawless character development and unique battle mechanic. I don't think anyone in the right mind would ever not like this game.

Cookie Run: Kingdom


this game is a quaint essential of how a mobile game should be developed and run! amazing character with unique personality, cute cute cookies [開心], nice story, and very generous to all players. one of the best games I've ever played to this day[哇噻]

Ayakashi Rumble!


i love it when games create conditions and stages to force you to use different types of characters and different builds. although there are 5* amazing heroes, 3* and 4* are no easy pass!
for easy stages and during your noob gametime, you might not need to turn off auto, but once you go up to higher difficulty levels, putting your battles on auto is literally sending your waifus to the slaughterhouse[大哭]
overal, a very good game taking up so little resources from your dear phone[開心]

OMG! what a game! music is out of this world, so hype and energetic[開心] skills are fun to watch, waifus are abundant[賣萌] and story melts my heart into a f**king pudding! yea... awesome game.

Deep Insanity ASYLUM


i really like the battle mechanic and skill system. graphic could be way better, however the UI and user interface runs fast on servers which is a big plus to me. story mode comes with subquests that are a bit different from what you have seen in other rpg games, very interesting! overal a good game with some new fresh ideas worthy of investing time and money.

i love the story and character development which is i believe one of the selling points of this game. cute design and lots of goodies and waifus[開心] one thing that really annoys me is the long loading time which alone can destroy the game! so if the loading time doesn't get solved in time, there is no way this game will survive!

Time Defenders


as expected from Vespa, the production value of the game is up the roof! Time Defenders along with Watcher of the Realm are doing things we all needed and wished Arknights would do but it didn't! even after a year. I can't wait to get Time Defenders in English so i can enjoy the story (which vespa is a mighty God at!). hopes for the global release[開心]

Lutie Chronicles


it's a simple looking game, yet it covers almost all the turn-based rpg elements of the genre. tutorial is not annoying, characters are cute, there is a story mode which is very adorable, lots of rewards for starters to go around, equipment system is well-thought helping you decide the best option for characters (not by auto equip!), graphics are bright and lively. skill system is fun with each character having 3 active skills and one passive and later an awaken skill. surprisingly a very good game. however you SHOULD NOT judge the game before you get to the second map.

one of the games in my all-time-favorite wishlist that couldn't wait to get my hands on[開心] i think this year is going to be really cool with PGR, Alchemy Star and KonoSuba. by the way, stop bitching and whining about the region thing, get a vpn! [驚訝]

game looks pretty classy and luxurious in terms of the UI and user interface! waifus are delightful, cute AND badass[開心] battle system is simple as Priconn and most turn-based rpgs out there with a little twist😉 I don't want to spoil the fun of discovery, so i suggest you check it out yourselves!

Luna Discordia


story is what keeps me interested in this game. i kinda like the interactions among characters specially Charles who is my favorite! anyway, i hope this game stays alive for long while cz it deserves it. it just needs a little bit of tweaking here and there[微笑]

it is one of the most underappreciated games that was mishandled by Nexon Global and was shut down after a year. it really saddened me to see this amazing game going down by the greed of Nexon. now that i see it rereleased by another company, i have high hopes that this game gets what it deserves. great thanks to the people who revived Vestoria and make it available for the fans again.

Starsteel Fantasy


game has so much potential as there is a huge defficiency in mobile market for this genre of mach3. my first impression was positively made by the story and battle mechanic. however, i think it is going to be a grind fest for build and growth materials which is NOT a bad thing for itself if the devs don't go too far[汗顏]

Maid Master


game looks amazing with its simple and clean UI. everything runs pretty fast. characters are relatable and cute. story is nice to follow which is presented by great artwork. totally a must play for RPG fans 🤘

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