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This game is so fun, I can't believe that this is just an April fools. Please don't shut down it.

trash game

best 3d mobile fps game? what a joke

Celestial Goddess


trashy game

I have reroll for a few times already, but they gave me the cow girl every time. This game really loves trolling me.

Yep, I've confirmed it myself. The game balance was pretty bad. You shouldn't waste any resource on R units since they're utterly weak. They will keep giving you some frags of R unit to raise them up, but it's just a trap to let you waste your resources. SR units are decent while SSR units are ultra strong.

Great 2D graphics, decent story lines, amazing VAs, f2p friendly. I've played many popular games, but hardly there is any good game like this.

Any game goes with vip system is shit. That's how Chinese game works, don't copy them, Japan.

Epic Seven


Eventhough the game is in anime style but there is no japanese voice option. engdub sounds so weird

Don't even have an option for Japanese voice. I'm out.

This game is quite generous about gems and spirit stones which you can use to summon heros but the true rare things in the game are dark/ light elemental heroes and they are better than those normal heroes. It's very hard for you to get your hand on them unless you're really lucky. Well, ppl who p2w can just purchase some packs to get scrolls which can use to summon them right away and you are nothing to them in the arena. It's just life, man.

Forgot to mention it, but the game is in Japanese but there are too few of lines. How could I enjoy my waifu that way? They just cry some "uh, ah, oh?" in a battle that makes it's boring as hell.

Conclusion: it's lacking as a waifu game and it's a p2w one as a tactical game.

at least give me a japanese version

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The result of 300 pulls. It's not so bad, probably. [微笑] Read Note
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