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Re:Zero Lost in Memories


Nice game feel like subaru if play story.. give me more key. xD

Nice game

Exos Heroes


Over all nice game[開心], but have a bug about BGM sometimes that lost if play in story mode[為什麼].

Blue Oath | Japanese


Nice but need english lang. [憋屈]

This good game, if u like just play and if not like dont play this and shut up your mouth.

Lord of Heroes


All of this game is awasome and story look like part of movie. [開心]

Nice game For Bc fans, hope arena bettle can open for next.. [開心]

nice game for me [開心]

My Hero Academia


Nice game, hope can many villain char in gacha for next. [哇噻]

Play for 1 month and get 6 5s, thank for golden week event. [開心] but for now iam never get 5s again. lol

Nice game, many event and no stamina for play. [開心]

Good game, nice story[開心]
but size of this game make me cry[大哭]

good game, hope can add english lang for next. [開心]

Hope can collect all elisabeth and marline. 😆[開心]

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