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I live for 2D men.
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I live for 2D men.
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Hero's Park


This isn't a true otome; there is no romance between any of the guys and the female MC. However, despite that, this game is still very entertaining. The level of polish and attention to smaller details is absurd - the animations within the game itself are some of the best I've seen in a mobile title in a long time.

The game is stupidly generous, too - at 5% for an SSR, the game spat out 6 SSRs for me on top of my starting chosen SSR, Hayato Takamizu for a total of 7 SSRs without spending any money. That is unheard of.

Even with the simple, automated gameplay, and and a severe lack of a romantic element, the premise and generousity of this game have hooked me enough to make it my new main game. As long as events aren't ranking, that is.

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Oh, come on. Another rhythym game? Seriously? Crossing this one off my list. Read Note
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