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very cool, I would play the full release
it's Danmaku but 3D



pretty dope if I might say.

Imma be real with you chief.....


this game is beautiful
the graphics is rich
the song is a banger
but there's one thing that's not really beautiful
you know what that is?

yep, that's right
it's the gacha drop rate

I really really love this game
it has my fav music
and you can watch concerts which is very cool

but there's a thing called quitter and I really hate it
don't worry though, you will never met them if you play it solo
still it's very annoying

even though this game looks like ban***i I will never touch that game, period

this game is good
the problem is that it's hard to download the data
anyway it's only hard not impossible

the game is good, though the gameplay is not that great but otherwise it's still fun
it's easy to farm that rainbow thing for gacha, which is why it's a good game

THE 3D MODELS, OH MY GOOOD IT LOOKS GOOD, it looks like the model they use on the PC game and that's good

well just download it and try it by yourself
i recommend it
also try the pc game too

oh and you can turn off the story on story mode

idk man
but listen

for some reason everything about this game feels like low quality
the music sounds low quality, the graphics looks low quality
nope I'm not talking about the art, the art looks fine but the quality is horrible

is there any way to change the graphics and music quality?

graphics: 3/10
it's just low quality

sound: 3/10
it's sound low quality, but the voice is fine

gameplay: 7/10
well it's just your average mobage

storyline: n/a
I haven't read it so I can give it a score

overall: pls fix the graphics and sound quality



very useful
I love this app because I can find my waifu fanart and new artist to add to my favourite lists
you can also bookmarking the art just in case you want to find it again (well it works for me)

so here we go again
my 2nd or 3rd? idk, reviews
this time I review this one game
well, just go to the point

Graphics: 5/5
It has really good 3D model, the skin texture (dat texture on the armpits part dawg) it really really looks good, you can go to 60fps too if your phone can handle it, It just really good okay?

Sound: 5/5
I actually don't really listen to it but I believe it has great bgm and soundtracks

gameplay: 4/5
Well.... it's generic mobile jrpg game, but it's cool I guess

Storyline: N/A
I don't read the story because, obviously, i don't understand Japanese, but the only thing for sure that I believe the MC of this game, I mean you the player, Is a guy, which good

Value: 5/5
great value [開心]

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well first of all why I give this game, which someone or everyone say it is a "pedophile" game, good rating is because of course I love it

graphics 5/5
It looks really good, it looks like a visual novel and I like it
for the 3D, this is kind of game that I want, chibi style characters

Gameplay 4/5
it's fine to me, it's just... fine

storyline 5/5
man, it has comedy story and I really like it, I just love comedy story, man

gacha rate 1/5
it's bad, please give me Hina

Well, as I said
I'll give 'em 5 stars (eggs) if they fixed the game
and they did

best game

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