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Life is a game, Play it!
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Life is a game, Play it!
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A good game we can enjoy playing [開心]

Great Game
An excellent adaptation of the pc version, its simple it's the same [怪笑]

Arcane Soul


Well got it when he was free, still playing it
the gameplay is cool

Chill game with a cool story

Finally haha was so waiting for the english version
now i can understand when i play XD

Well what could I say hahaha various Visual Novels well written, we have differents stories so we can find our happiness, if you like fantasy well they have it, sci-fi have it too, modern too
Queer friendly too 😏 so yuri fan you can find your happiness here, they are adding yaoi too 😉

For a fan of Fire Emblen, finding a game with the same kind of gameplay is very satisfying 😌
Beautiful art of the characters too
The fact that we can interact with our characters and upgrade the affinity with them is reaaaally cool [開心]

Guardian Tales | Global


Love the game
What i find the more fun is the reference to other stories XD (DB/SW/HP/...) but the story of this game is really good, well written [開心][色色][哇噻]

Genshin Impact


Game very interesting and beautifully made. [賣萌]

They use facts that exist as references, as their cities inspired by countries or mythology (here is demonology 😈) to construct their world and is story [色色][開心]
Even if some players says that there's no contents, I totally disagree with that, if a complex story keep their logic and as you keep advancing in the game you found out more, as to answer some mysteries but adding more too 🤣
what xan I say, I personally love ❤ this game and all his history!

Honkai Impact 3rd | SEA


Very good game, the story is still going even after 4 years XD the gameplay is cool and the art so beautiful 😍 🤩 👌

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Wish from Teyvat #wallpaper #fanart #GenshinImpact
~ The Morn a New Birth Brings
~ Endless journey, from the Stars and the Abyss
from Genshin Impact 
by csyday (twitter @csyday829)
I don't own the credit for these beautiful works.
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