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MocoMoco Reversi


it has over 100 levels and you get to play both black and white pieces alternately. its quite fun. you can play it offline if you want. good luck if guys are going to play it. :)

I do get to learn names of the korean dishes i want to try but this game isnt like cooking mama where in you get to know how make it. hahahaha! still the game is great, you can play this game even without WiFi so its great for me when i get bored during my commute or in a waiting room. The characters are so cute~ and so is the kitty!! >w<

Granblue Fantasy


If you don't mind the constant farming for materials and Level up, the game is pretty good. you never run of things to do there. Plus there are strong characters that aren't in gacha so there's ways to get thru the game as an f2p. I haven't spent money on this game and have got a lot of great SSRs. :) so really sic parvis magna.

Cat's Midnight Diner


There's no option to play it in English but you can easily figure out what each buttons do without translation. My concern are those bonuses to unlock a cat customer or double your earnings by watching ads. I keep clicking the button but it won't allow me to, thats whats confusing me. ^^" but its still a good game to playy if you want to pass the time

Lovely Cutie


Simple Avatar maker, have fun with it

Lutie Mini Game World


Its stuck loading at 87% eventhough my WiFi connection is fine. I don't even think anyone has played this game because of the same problem... Uninstalling. Until they actually fix that problem, I might change my opinion.

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This was fun TinierMe type of avatar maker ^^ 
hope to have more options of clothing and all if the game gets any updates.
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