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This game is a masterpiece it aint a stuffy gacha game but a true game which is a miracle when it comes to mobile games most atleast nudge you slightly and it all builds up so you can buy something but this one it just feels like *shrug* ill just wait until i have enough for a tenfold and it just feels great to play a game that doesnt emphasizes MONEY and time limits over playing the gane like you should be and all events are just locked behind chapters no time limits INCLUDING THE PERSONA 5 ROYALE EVENT ITS F O V E R E R the P5R crossover event might leave another eden when another eden shut downs its servers and many events will have already stayed with the game thats it incredible that i can just enjoy it wholeheartedly without worrying that i wont get a OP crossover 5star which is what ends up happening 99.9% of the times when a gacha game makes a crossover event so yeah ima stay with a few games that feel great and this game is one of those games that is not asking for money YAY!

Disgaea RPG


take this off the site please because either its a maintenance waiting game or its a region locked game could you please choose between one or the other developers that got a hold of this game because even makai wars WORKS BETTER and that game has a joke attached to it which is its ASAGI'S game and this is laharls? are you sure this game doesnt belong to maintenance: the maintaining of maintenance to maintain the maintenance to maintenance while maintenance would maintenance the maintenance WHILE the maintenance will maintain the maintenance to maintenance so maintenance is gona be maintenance. its not disgaea at all that's all i gotta say

the game itself is wroth your time and if you have the patience to wait for when they release a new character and make it accessible through means that dont use the gacha like the shards and stuff and i agree with QooApp character when he said its a mobile game that is a console game because its true and game itself plays like a bayonetta type game with perfect dodges triggering special effects and skills. each character has a different perfect dodge skill some are bayonetta witch time others are blade slashes that hurt alot while others can slow the enemy and or just literally freeze them in place the game is fun. BUT! it does encourage more money spending the further you get into the game honestly but i enjoy the game and i play free to play but it does encourage pay 2 win but just search for ways to get stuff without using real money and you will be fine.( ̄︶ ̄)



I can only look at the title screen and do the required no wifi needed tutorial bit but after that the game will always turn my wifi connection yellow and when the required wifi fight happens I cant load it and if I do after spamming the screen a million times so my phone doesnt go to sleep mode I cant play it either way because it tells me I need to reconnect my wifi and with my mobile data it is impossible to load the game also this game does not work for me BUT I WISH IT DID the game itself LOOKS SO FUN and even the intro was nice but after I downloaded it on my Samsung galaxy S9+ the wifi service went insane i can only go through the UI without the game going like naw man it dont work and since I'm stuck on the tutorial for the internet battle I'm forced to do the battle and not navigate the screen I'm given so yeah the game is great the wifi system for some reason said no u to my wifi and mobile data[大哭][大哭][大哭]

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#GAME_OF_MARCH I love Makai Wars its fun and enjoyably quick Read Note
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