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Disney Twisted Wonderland


🌹 Some of the prettiest art I've ever seen.
I say this as a gacha hell veteran, even SR cards are drawn so beautifully with the loveliest compositions!! ♡

🌹 Surprisingly generous for a Disney game.
I saw other reviews complain about the dia distribution; yes they give modest amounts, but they give them in bulk. I've managed to get 3000 dia (10 pulls) in 3 weeks through the log-in campaigns and grinding so you just need to play & grind consistently as with most gachas!

🌹 Fully voiced main story and amazing overall in writing.
The pace and length is perfect! It's never too long that it feels like a drag but also not too short that you're left unsatisfied & longing for more. Moods are handled very well and I love that they don't compromise quality and consistency!

🥀 I don't really enjoy the actual gameplay aspects.
This is my only gripe. The rhythm beatmaps are ok but a bit funky sometimes. I always find myself letting the game do all the work for me which can be quite boring...

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Giving away this side starter account for anyone interested 💕 
Almost complete Leona album (only missing his latest SSR), it is pretty Savanaclaw blessed! I only logged in for the bonuses + did a few missions so it is super farmable :3
Password: leonaojitan
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