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The title "Fate" is what made this game kept going. If it were not for FGO's story and character, this game should've been dead long ago.


1. Setting dumb gacha rates for 5☆ servants, which are just 2D animated sprite in the end, is a easy way for DW to grab cash out of players. I have no rights to say about how people spend their money but, it's such a pity that some see value in this scrap of data and pour huge amount of money on it and fail.

2. FGO's gameplay feels very grindy and boring. The gameplay heavily relying on buster np servants is uninspiring. When DW added Merlin, they fixed the meta into buster and made it the best command card. Arts is viable on its on way, but is not considered better than buster and quick is now just obsolete command. Merlin+El Melloi/2xMerlin with a high rated buster np servant can easily melt any adds and boss. Battle is all about wiping out enemies as fast as possible and events are just grind-mission-to-get-free-4☆-servant-&-items.

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