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Evangelion Battlefields


Now that the game is live and I've had a few days to play it, I'm updating my rating. This review will be quite wordy. (Edit as of 20th of April)
This game is fucking great for any Eva fan, you're going to get a lot out of this. It sells itself on the interactions between the characters for a reason; the episodes channel what made the quieter parts of the series so wonderful. My favourite storyline so far is Flowers on the Windowsill, the Rei and Hikari cross episode.
Graphically, the game is quite impressive, although I suspect most phones will not be able to run it at full quality. The 3D models really do look like the characters, and while not all of the animation is seamless and perfect in the cutscenes, they really do show off how full of life they are. It's pretty stunning for a mobile game.
I'll admit I'm really easy to please when it comes to gameplay but I genuinely do think the game is a lot of fun. Considering they're going to be updating it constantly with the new Seasons introducing more characters, units and Angels (and fixing issues with balance currently present) I don't think I'll get tired of it for a while. Battles are short and snappy and a lot of fun although I am constantly getting my ass kicked by better players than me LOL. I also don't own the Readcon controller so I can't judge that aspect of it.
I usually hate city building games but this one doesn't feel too gruelling. I would attribute that to the fact that it is primarily NOT a city building game and waiting for buildings to finish will not impact your ability to play the main part of the game (the battles). I wasn't super enthusiastic about it and I am just starting so I may grow to hate it but as it stands, no problems here. I don't feel any urge to spend currency to finish them.

As for the cons:
The one thing I DO worry about is the Containers. You get one every time you win in Battlefields mode and you can have four at a time. There are no options to speed up containers opening yet aside from using the premium Gem currency and some of them can take two hours to open. That being said, if you don't care about not getting some potential rewards (all wins also give XP, so you aren't completely missing out) and just want to play, it's not that big of a deal.
The game's aggressive and frankly exorbinant monetization can be attributed to the rough history of Eva mobage - most of them only last a year before shutting down due to monerary concerns. I am hoping this game does not meet the same fate. Personally I won't be spending any money on the microtransactions, and the game seems rather generous anyway. I have almost all of the support characters with the discounted gacha roll they gave us to start and a few days of playtime. I won one of the support figures out of a crane machine and might get the controller after the world stops being shut down 😄

Please also be aware that at the time of writing the game has only just launched out of it's maintenance period and is currently doing an hour of bonus maintenance a day (with compensations to players) to fix some issues present with rewards not being given out properly as well as some minor other bugs. Nothing that I can't be patient with, though.
Sorry for the long ass post I'm an eva otaku at heart LOL
(BTW The low rating on this game is not a testament to its quality, the children on here were losing their fucking minds over the servers having a rough launch)

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