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Genshin Impact


This should be the game of the year.
One thing I would highly appreciate it if the pity roll for weapons is 60.



The game is very great. This game is a turn based game, not much different from other game but I like the battle animation, especially the skill activation. The art looks great, their simple without excessive design. The gacha is pretty nice around 4%.

Just go to Fanza if you want the best content.
First, the character art is so great(Kamihime has the best art in DMM). Gameplay is really nothing special but the weapons can affect your gameplay. Gacha rate is normal. To differentiate this game, in MAGICAMI the only thing you need to do is clear daily missions and event clear unless if you like PVP ranking/becoming powerful, but in this game you need to play raid most of the time. Not a good game for those whose priority is time or just want to enjoy the game.

Unknown Bride


Suprisingly I did enjoy the game and the story. Love the graphics and UI. Though many players says that gacha has no SSR but from what I see every character can go 5 star, so basically you just need to choose your waifu(Yeah I understand that SR and SSR only has live2d). The game is basically auto, sad thing is that there are no animated skills. I love the art, monster girls are not really my thing but this one has my good side.
At the time I review this there is only one SSR and 3 SR so dont expect to get them.



I think everyone who played this is surely on Fanza/DMM and that includes me.
First I will warn everyone that gacha rate is low, but dont worry you will get free SSR on events and you can drop gems on daily quest. Even if you miss events and miss the SSR, you can still get it. The game is a grinding type game. I highly recommend to play this game on 18+ to enjoy 18+ content.
Some tips the best team is water team. Especially if you build around healing, they never die on manual.

Ikki Tousen: Extra Burst


I guess I got my expectation so high, the game is a little bit buggy or its not smooth, this makes gameplay very slow and tiring. The gacha rate is pretty bad even if it is 3%(with 5 10x gacha, you will still not drop SSR, this is not even fragment game). The art is okay, not good but lacks appeal even the SSR art, live 2d is also horrible. the action of character in fight is pretty bad it feels like flash player games.
I really want to say this to devs, remove the slow mo scene when final attack, its ridiculous with that close up. I want to rant that every fight always starts at least 3 sec after the time starts its really slow.

Easy 5 star.

Last Origin | Japanese


This is pretty normal, though I haven't played GF. This type of gameplay where you grind materials is not really my type of game, this is not a fast type game. I just hate this type of UI, it looks the same to other games, just looking at it makes me sleep.

Starea Days Wicked


The game is great, you can create your own avatar which is a plus not only you can create your avatar you can choose how you avatar style, skills. The gacha rate is also great.
Can the devs nerf the game, its too difficult, even with the same power rating you will die.
Some tips use the accessory R Angelic Ring(Halo). It has self heal which could help frontline users.

For those who have known touhou for time would love this, illustration shows events on the game itself you'll feel nostalgic and probably would watch again Touhou memories of phantasm or play it again.
You'll somewhat feel the retro vibe in the gameplay which is nice, the art are great, gacha rate is normal, and all characters are always great you wont see those SSR and N difference, everyone is usable so just pick your characters. I also love the bgm. I just wish some 3D animation for skills, and at least the devs should held an event on what kind of future this game would showcase like new side story events or different gameplay(you cant call touhou without shooting or danmaku). As it is now its great but not 5 star.



First I would say it has VIP system which automatically drops my rating. And I will add it has many servers which you can play differently, which is no good since you wont know when servers gonna die due to various reasons.
It is idle game, yup on ordinary level, no cute characters, skill activation is not even outstanding VERY normal. Even it is like that the rewards are pretty nice but exclusive characters not in gacha is Urgghh, but most likely will appear in gacha PROBABLY.
Honest thoughts, this games are those game that exist temporarily to get money from players then eventually die out.

Blue Oath | Japanese


Abyss Horizon is much better.
The game is quite good, but in terms of gameplay I would still choose Abyss Horizon.

Eshigami no Kizuna


Replayed again after the launch, you can now reroll for another good character, means you wont be forced to use those two characters at the start.
Still the worst fragment game ever which put this game worst than trash. And daily mission and rewards are at the lowest. This is not even a grinding game, this is just a torture game for players. The game wont let us love the game.

Rather than RPG, this should be called idle game. Basically everything is auto, worst gameplay I've encountered as a RPG. In other words this game is trash. In character creation, you can't even pick the gender of the character, that is automatically -99 in my textbook. The only saving grace of this game is ONLY the graphics. What a waste of time.

Nice game, Character art is good. I have played idle game before but this is the first that really got me into playing.
After beta test, If the main feature of this game is the character, I would really appreciate it if we can pick one character at the start or after tutorial. If you did the beta you would probably understand that investing on a character at the start is very important than doing it in the middle where enemies are way stronger and the upkeep to lvl character is harder plus the game currency. The value of the game just went downhill. For players that would not care about characters, i can recommend it since its fun but for those who care, I highly don't recommend this game since you wont know when you will get your character and it might be at end game.

Art is terrible period. Gameplay is nice, its a game that is not enticing.

Machigai Breaker Re:Quest


Great game, you need to be able to understand japanese and second you need to know the answers but the game needs you to miss the answer. what i hate about the game is that during daily quest only one character can deal dmg out of the 4, only that you know that this game is trash. the art is good though.

one word "dissapointing". I thought I could see priestess in her festival costume

Vanguard Zero | Japanese


pretty much disappointment, at least try to introduce new rules like yu gi oh did with the anime. Zenonzard is much better when it comes to fast pace card game.
At least try to separate each clan in gacha, this made it trash, I want cute card no more no less..



I was expecting a lot, but not a game for me.

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