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I have been playing this game for quite a while, the graphics are absolutely mesmerizing and the fact that the characters do small movements while speaking gives the scene a lot of depth.
The voice acting is amazing and the fact that it is included in the mini games also its a shocker.
The game it self requires a lot of grinding but in the end it is worth it.
I am not a big fan of the type of animation they used inside the minigames but that is my personal opinion since i have seen it in many games.
I can not comment much regarding the story line since the game is in Japanese, and i couldn't understand much. But as far as i grasped it, it was a little bit cliche but in a good way.
overall this game is worth a try

Red: Pride of Eden (CBT)


The game it self is cute and laid back, it is quite enjoyable when you want a passive game and not do much.the storyline is quite basic, but it makes up with the cute characters. the only problem i had was that it has similar art style to most gacha games and also gameplay which for me is something quite annoying. But it makes up with the characters"coming to life" and speaking,which was adorable. I would recommend it as a game honestly but its not for the long run.

Dragon Raja | SEA


This game is genuinely fun,the storyline is kinda basic but the graphics and everything make it out of this world. the only flaw is the repetitive quest's and the fact that it is kinda boring after some time. but still non the less i would recommend it for a change of pace.

AFK Arena | Global


It is a good time waste, its fun for what it is and easy to play and understand also the character roll is quite good and high. The graphics are enjoyable and cute while the story line is nice.

For people who know digimon this game is perfect and it is fun and interesting. The game follows kinda the same storyline but honestly i have nothing against this game it takes a while to load but its amazingly fun

Honestly its amazingly fun it reminded me a little of wii sport the tennis part, it has amazing graphicss and the gameplay isnt hard and its fun. Its also based on skills mostly and how patient you are which i honestly love. Plus the characters are god damn adorable

Touhou Cannonball


Honestly its a suprebe game i cant. It has amazing characters and the graphics are good. The sound is also entertaining tho sometimes its hard to understand because it is Japanese its still god damn amazing. And the pozitive side is that it doesn't take a lot of memory

Animal Jump


Its a fun easy game for what it is honestly its good, its easy to understand cute and it helps you push time

Honestly its quite nice for a game based on Mob Psycho 100 and it also has some details that are on the manga which make i even better
I enjoy it quite a lot and its quite interesting and addictive in a way
Its worth a try honestly the graphics could be better but its still a good game and the voices are the originals form the anime which makeit even more addictive

Honestly its worth a try its impressive on its own amd the story line is good enough also the characters are quite offf off

Arena of Valor | English


A its good honestlyyyyy like every MOB game, but ut has interesting characters and it us easy to play

Ace Force


It is an amazing MOB game it is kinda like cod because you can change your class in middle of the game and the stunts Grenada, but it honestly is amazing and enjoyable the ping is a game ruiner but it is worth a try sine it does not take a lot of space also

Honestly it isn't that bad its a good game but it lags a lot which makes it hard to play, as a mob game it has good quality and it has a lot to work on but its quite good and fun to play

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


It's a good game honestly its kinda hard sometimes sice you have to pay to win but its fun and its like LoL which is even more amazing
Plus thi game got me "hooked "

Honestly its a good game i have been playing it for a while and i am not dissapointed its quite fun and good and the rates are quite high which honestly it is a good help.
The story line didn't seems that interesting but the gameplay makes up for it

Honestly its a really good horror visual novel mixed with puzzle solving. Its not really scary but the story it self is interesting and capturing plus its totally free which makes it god damn amazing

Horaku no Carneades


It isn't a bad game overall, its a nice mesh between visual novel and a card game. The graphics are okay but the game on its own is nice also the pull out rate is low but it isn't fully pay to win

Its a fun game its quite easy to play and understand, the game it self does not require you to pay so you can win so thats a bonus in its own. I honestly love the part were the characters speak thats adorable and makes the game more cute[怪笑]

Honestly i was disappointed since it had the gacha (the type od character design while playing) version on the game play something that most games are starting to have and honestly it is quite annoying thats why graphics n/a. But the sound and because of its voice actors is great. As a game it is easy to play but it takes quite a while to finish something. Story line is quite basic but eh.
Overall you should not judge a game always by reviews but try it at first.

Fantasy Farm


It is a good game overall, the graphics were good and the gameplay was easy it honestly has a lot of potential but its good even as it is

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