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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


It's a good game honestly its kinda hard sometimes sice you have to pay to win but its fun and its like LoL which is even more amazing
Plus thi game got me "hooked "

Mobile Legends: Adventure


Honestly its a good game i have been playing it for a while and i am not dissapointed its quite fun and good and the rates are quite high which honestly it is a good help.
The story line didn't seems that interesting but the gameplay makes up for it

Honestly its a really good horror visual novel mixed with puzzle solving. Its not really scary but the story it self is interesting and capturing plus its totally free which makes it god damn amazing

Horaku no Carneades


It isn't a bad game overall, its a nice mesh between visual novel and a card game. The graphics are okay but the game on its own is nice also the pull out rate is low but it isn't fully pay to win

Its a fun game its quite easy to play and understand, the game it self does not require you to pay so you can win so thats a bonus in its own. I honestly love the part were the characters speak thats adorable and makes the game more cute[怪笑]

Astral Chronicles


Honestly i was disappointed since it had the gacha (the type od character design while playing) version on the game play something that most games are starting to have and honestly it is quite annoying thats why graphics n/a. But the sound and because of its voice actors is great. As a game it is easy to play but it takes quite a while to finish something. Story line is quite basic but eh.
Overall you should not judge a game always by reviews but try it at first.

Fantasy Farm


It is a good game overall, the graphics were good and the gameplay was easy it honestly has a lot of potential but its good even as it is

The Tale of Food


Honestly it isn't a bad game it is quite enjoyable, it is easy to play and the graphics are pleasing. The pull out rate is quite good and it honestly helps much in the game
Big yes

Dawn Break -Origin-


Honestly at first because of the graphics i thought it would be a dissapointing boring game but its not like that at all, the storyline is kinda basic but the interaction with the characters and the fights and how easy it is to play and also the best of all it doesn't take so much storage. The pull out rate honestly its fare i cannot complaint but i really enjoy this game i suggest everyone tries it [賣萌]
THIS game is offline which is even more amazing and like oooffff

Penguin's Isle


Omfg is adorable i love this game it us antistress its amazing people should just play it and forget their worries (not really ) but honestly i love it

Honestly to get the ending you want (or the perfect ending) you either have to pay or find other ways around it but for what it is its quite nice and it is worth it. The characters are interesting and also the story development

Alice Closet


Honestly its amazing it has good graphics and there are some glitches that make it hilarious also lagging
The pull out rate seems kinda low but so far its good
For a dress up simulation (mix) game it is not dissapointing also the characters are adorable as hell

Yulgang M


It is quite good honestly, it has good graphics but it is quite heavy almost 3 gb but in the end it was worth it, it glitches from time to time but ig that happens because it is quite heavy

Triple S


Honestly it looks promising even the game plays and everything but it keeps saying unknown error

Yokai Kitchen (KR)


Honestly i didn't expect much at the begging but it is just god damn amazing like i love every thing sometimes it is glitchy but overall it is amazing. The pull out rate is good i wont complain but overall the game is a must try because it has everything in it
Honestly even the intro while you waut for it to be downloaded is amazing i cant. Even the characters are like aghhhh i cant its amazing
If it beocmes an anime i honestly would be obsessed with it because it has that much potential [鬼臉][害羞]

Stella Maiden (EN)


Honestly its god damn amazing and i really really really enjoy this as a game, it has amazing graphics the planets are brought to life and everything is perfect. The game is easy in a way and its not pay top win so i honestly love this game a lot
Plus the characters are total waifus[大哭]

Kamen Rider City Wars


Honestly its an amazing game and i dont know why for a while it reminded me of the power rangers game and an anime regarding robots but honestly its amazing and enjoyable plus the graphics are quite nice for what it is
Big support much love[鬼臉]

Its good for a visual novel that your "sanity" depends on your answers and the ending plus the story it self is something that attracts you a lot so i honestly recommend it for a fun reading and cute characters

Honestly i love the anime and the manga and im obsessed with this game i have been playing it in the Japanese/Chinese version but now that the English version came out its even more amazing. Even tho its kinda of an old version but eh
Also because it is an hybrid game in a way its so amazing and its cute as a game plus it is easy to understand on how to play it so i totally 100% recommend to try it and it isn't pay too win till a certain point which makes it even more amazing

Honestly if it had more characters it would be amazing But omfg I HAVE NO COMPLAINTS ITS AMAZING YOU CAN SPEAK WITH HER LIKE AAAAA

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