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Muscle Fighters Arena


worst fighting game. very boring. match is not fair



If you like pokemon mystery dungeon or any game like that you will love this. Basically, the mission is to get out from dungeon by collecting hearts. You cant level up so what make you strong is based on your equipment. There are 3 equipment : weapon, shield, and armor. The equipment has durability which can be damaged during usage. After damage you cant use it but you can repair it use coins you collected. Sadly as long as you are in dungeon you cant repair so you need to repair before go to dungeon.
Its really easy in early stage and will be challenging in middle stage.
There will be always food in every stage to heal. Be careful because your stamina will be decrease also by walking not only by enemy damage. The enemy that you kill sometimes drop card. The card can be used as skill but it single use so use it wisely.

The problem is there are no durability status on your equipment. So you dont know when if it will break soon or no. And there are no option to repair before it turn into red and the durability doesnt reset once you clear stage. So its better you bring more than one each (weapon, shield, and armor). I hope they will add it on the next update.

Surprisingly its quite good for a new game company but it need more improvement.

well i think its not as good as the trailer. its kinda boring game if you dont understand the language since i think story is the main thing in this game. I hate any game that dont let you choose characters. The gacha is only to get equipment and only for your character not for the others. The gameplay is turn based with nothing special mechanism, really looks like old game.

Arknights | English


i love everything in this game. this is called perfection. more better than azur lane especially the character design that not always about boobs



i downloaded because i saw amatsu sama in this game. she is one of my favourite cosplayer but what i got? gameplay is shit and the gacha is shit as hell. do 2x multi summon not even single costume here but only junk. too many bug. not worth it. dont waste your time

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