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re Rolling is a pain. takes bout 20mins. they have a 100% chance to draw a SSR, once! other than that, its all RNG.

its tactical turn base, RPG.

grinding is a pain.

MARVEL Future Revolution


to of july 2021

1. download a VPN connect to canada.

2. download the game and update the game through VPN

3. once you've download the update and playing the tutorial, disconnect from the vpn to avoid slow connection nerror.

4.everytime you close the game, just open through vpn
you can also disconnect from vpn anytime you are in game, not during launch otherwise youll get a region error

Aura Kingdom 2 | Global


played part 1 long time ago on PC and dont see ANY difference.
the animation is choppy and looks like its from a 2000 something MMO that just came out.
ill gladly skip out on this. whoever gave this game a 5 star obviously is a troll/bot dont be fooled, dont waste your time downloading a crappy game.

being a x series fan and having to hear some old ost...not gonna be biased

controls are...they need work, games like these are never to be played on phones.

pvp is pay to win and one with an S rank is most likely to win sice they have better skills that hit harder and better weapons and isnt balanced one bit.

game requires you to grind to advance as the enemies take more hits.

A3: Still Alive | Korean


it feels like im playing black desert mobile. so if you like playing that, this can be a game that'll maybe interest you. graphics are nice. its auto all day. good looking characters, maybe this game will survive, if not...oh well.

after abour 24 hours in the game. you cant keeo questing until your satisfied, the game has a limit to how much you can do a day. pretty much an intergrated stamina system. leveling becomes a chore after level 30.
when customizing your character, i dont think you can change the voice, so if your character looks mature, but then has a child like annoying voice...the character customization is very limited compared to other KMO games (Korean Multiplayer Game).

VGAME | Japanese


the controls are pretty clunky and are mapped on the screen. the battle UI is customable. overall its nice. a mix of a MMORPG and honkai impact. Japanese voice is always nice. it has auto battle. hopefully theres a English version in the near future.

how to play********

after downloading, and when you get to the menu, a smiling orange face will appear.

choose the third option (tab)

then itll ask you for a 6 letter or digit password. then there you go, you're in.


its actually like playing on a console. really fluid and dont have a problem really. its in Japanese audio so that's always good.

you wont be able to draw unless you clear 1-12.



uh.. trying not to compare to honkai...

okay, so first. its Japanese audio so that's a win. the voice audio volumes kinda low.
the battles kinda fluid, but it could be better.
the battle system is a stamina base (attack, dodge dash, skills?) and once depleted, you cant attack. so its pretty balanced. and prevents you from spamming attack.

there is auto battle but it sucks, as usual.
the graphics are, im not complaining.
there is a gatcha system so...yeah.
so play if you will. if theres plans if a English release, I'll look forward to that.


tutorials kinda long. annoying. the rates are... shrugs* have whole team of SSR so im happy.
the controls could do better
the graphics are good and isnt chibi.
if you liked FFT than youll love this.

the only thing that really bothered me is that i cant read Japanese.
looking forward to the global version

V4 | Korean

3.0 play this game. (assuming your not from korea)

if you downloaded the game (game data) without vpn, the game will automatically prevent you from playing. upon logging in, it will say, "game not available in your region." and you will need to uninstall the game if you haven't downloaded it using a vpn.

1. first download solo vpn. can be found using googleplay store. if not use an apk version.

2. download the app itself aka v4 not the 12 version because this is the adult version.

3. install

4. download the data using solo vpn connected to south korea.

5. once done, (should no longer say game not in region) log in through google since it'll be easier.
should promp you to read stuff and say yes. im guessing its asking or checking if your 18+

after that you should be able to get in and play.
good luck.

also for future reference, make sure to always log in through vpn in case of unscheduled updates.

heres my review after playing for about 24 hours in. 2.5/5.

Pros. Superb graphics, open world if that's your thing. beautiful ladies.


auto all day. purely for people who loved to blow big just to be top. once you reach level 20+ the enemies take forever to kill and you have to kill like 30+ and you spend 2 minutes killing one enemy. already uninstalled and waiting for black desert to be live for mobile global.

the only reason why this score?? is because it's in English dubbed. and it's horrible. i seriously have to mute this in some charactere that i have in the party. unless they plan to add dualaudio...its GONNA be hard playing this game in dubbed.

despite having some hickups, its better than Digimon linkz. easy to play but a bit grindy. tutorials kinda long so re rolling can be a pain .

auto aim vs actually aiming. fighting against a team that has a bot usually sucks. for some reason the auto fire doesnt work when the enemies right in front of you. just wait till the actual game comes out instead of a game that can have possible 3rd party apps installed aka hacks.

the controls will screw you over. you have to be so damn precise over anything otherwise your dead. it feels so damn clunky amd couldve made it easier to use skills. you dont know how many times i ACCIDENTALLY dashed into the boss and died when all i wanted to do was use a skill. id rather not get pissed of anymore on a game just because the controls sucks

OVERHIT | Global


can skip the tutorials, that's a plus, easy re roll ability, Japanese audio, that's also a plus, f2p friendly unless you don't wanna grind. gacha system is okay, not too greedy unlike other Korean games. easy battle system to understand. gems are easily obtained unless you spend it like a mad man. overall, it's good. if you're into fanservice and want a game that's has nice graphics and gacha system and doesn't have a long boring tutorial? this is it. I don't know why people are giving it low rating just because they can't log into the game when it probably wasn't even live then.

Dead or Alive Mobile


long tutorials. shitty gacha. don't see any future for this Chinese crap game

TRAHA | Korean


requires VPN to play. mention that first instead of having me use 4+ gigs of Internet and space

Last Cloudia | Japanese


it's like...ffbe, grand summoners, and star ocean anamesis combined (gacha game). the animations nice, looks kinda like octapath traveler. if there's a future for a English version, I'd definitely try it out. crashes alot though.

Gigantic X


grinding rpg, but shooting. an hour into this game and I'm already bored. was almost hyped when it 3rd person view, but camera zoomed out.. kinda let me down. co ops available?? I think if you progress that far? other than that, it's an okay game. not a game that I'd spend countless hours on. well see if this game has better contents in the near future.

it's a grinding no life game that requires your wallet to advance the maps. difficulty is really stupid. and where's the 2 character selection? not friendly to F2P at all. and it requires you to clear 1-10 to wear an accessory??? I'm done with this game unistalled. I rather stick with honkai impact. I'm surprised they don't have a release campaign bonus log in. not to mention the draw rates are crap just like any other Korean games

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