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despite having some hickups, its better than Digimon linkz. easy to play but a bit grindy. tutorials kinda long so re rolling can be a pain .

auto aim vs actually aiming. fighting against a team that has a bot usually sucks. for some reason the auto fire doesnt work when the enemies right in front of you. just wait till the actual game comes out instead of a game that can have possible 3rd party apps installed aka hacks.

the controls will screw you over. you have to be so damn precise over anything otherwise your dead. it feels so damn clunky amd couldve made it easier to use skills. you dont know how many times i ACCIDENTALLY dashed into the boss and died when all i wanted to do was use a skill. id rather not get pissed of anymore on a game just because the controls sucks

OVERHIT | Global


can skip the tutorials, that's a plus, easy re roll ability, Japanese audio, that's also a plus, f2p friendly unless you don't wanna grind. gacha system is okay, not too greedy unlike other Korean games. easy battle system to understand. gems are easily obtained unless you spend it like a mad man. overall, it's good. if you're into fanservice and want a game that's has nice graphics and gacha system and doesn't have a long boring tutorial? this is it. I don't know why people are giving it low rating just because they can't log into the game when it probably wasn't even live then.

Dead or Alive Mobile


long tutorials. shitty gacha. don't see any future for this Chinese crap game



requires VPN to play. mention that first instead of having me use 4+ gigs of Internet and space

Last Cloudia | Japanese


it's like...ffbe, grand summoners, and star ocean anamesis combined (gacha game). the animations nice, looks kinda like octapath traveler. if there's a future for a English version, I'd definitely try it out. crashes alot though.

Gigantic X


grinding rpg, but shooting. an hour into this game and I'm already bored. was almost hyped when it 3rd person view, but camera zoomed out.. kinda let me down. co ops available?? I think if you progress that far? other than that, it's an okay game. not a game that I'd spend countless hours on. well see if this game has better contents in the near future.

it's a grinding no life game that requires your wallet to advance the maps. difficulty is really stupid. and where's the 2 character selection? not friendly to F2P at all. and it requires you to clear 1-10 to wear an accessory??? I'm done with this game unistalled. I rather stick with honkai impact. I'm surprised they don't have a release campaign bonus log in. not to mention the draw rates are crap just like any other Korean games

LYN: The Lightbringer


it's like other Korean moblie games, long horrible tutorials, crappy draw rates, multi ads pooping everytime you log in. horrible draw rates, and you can't fast forward anything without having to complete it once. and, it's nexon. what more do you want?

Blank City


it's like honkai impact but a lower budget version. it feels limited, slower than honkai. usual Korean games have fast pace themed games, guess this isn't one. the controls feel clunky, there's no auto or lock on to enemies and the cameras angles can screw you over at times

pay to win game

played the Japanese version, faith. auto game, PvP is first hit wins and the animation is clunky. could be improved more and you can't cancel out of your skills once activated. and just prepare don't censorship since it's supposably global.

the only thing that sucks is global censorship.

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if the game keeps crashing and you keep losing connection, uninstall and re download the game. make sure you backup your data if you have any progress. Read Note
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