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MilkChoco - Online FPS


it's good quick fun, although the menus needs a bit of work on .
play it ! its dumb , fun and has no lootbox.

Dragon Raja | Global


i played about 2hs so far its pretty fun,
feel's like a pc game ported to mobile,
and its the 1st mobile game where it lets you jump of a cliff, you only take minor damage but still great. i'd definitely sharing this game,
Shout out my boi Skooch for bringing my attention to this game.

Lumia Saga | SEA


simple, fun and kicks my nostalgia of they good ol days of playing Dragonica/Dagon Saga when i was 8 in a good way .

it runs the same on any device i tried , if you make it auto path it always have to take 3s doing nothing then i does the action you tell it to.
its not Honkai impact 3rd level of perfect ,
its just some mindless fun when you are stressed out after work/school.
i'm no critic by a long shot , but i spent 5 years playing random-low price and obscure games, i'd say its worth playing for a couple of weeks . cheers !

Honkai Impact 3rd | SEA


its different from other gacha games that has the audacity to but "action" on their game because Honkai actually delivers on it promises,
its can be played casually or for very long period of time

it not a perfect game and playing this game on mobile is fun but not everyone is apart of the 1% and can buy the newest iphone on releast .
i recommend this game but preferably play the PC version cause HK3 hogs quite a bit of your phone storage .

Toram Online


suffer problems like most mmorpg(s) and jrpg(s) , story gets repetitive and less interesting .

gameplay is good (once you fool around with the settings enough)
and the community is more kind to new players than most

(tl:dr) its fun,play it.

are the devs abandoned this game ?

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