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Epic Seven


Very nice turn based game with cool anime style graphics. The story is also very interesting and each character has their own story and personality. There are only KR and ENG VO as this review was written, perhaps more will be added later (JP VO?). Gacha system is better than most gacha games I know, and the developer is also very generous in terms of events and compensation.

(Don't read below statement if you are an edgy boi)

If you still think gacha in this game is bad as hell then go play FGO or at least Summoners War, pretty sure you will just write a review of 1 star with "What the f*ck the gacha is very sucks" on those game. The gacha isn't sucks, you are the one who sucks. Go play minecraft if you don't want to have gacha :P

Honkai Impact 3rd | SEA


I guess it's ok

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