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Neural Cloud | English


To be fair, Neural Cloud is a typical anime gacha game like many others. But the main factor that set it different than others is the gameplay wise inspired by TFT (Team Fight Tactic from LoL) which is very indepth additive to both casual and hardcore players alike after get used to it.

Since it also introduces a complete new storyline of what's so-called "GFL prequel", it's easy to pick up by to GFL fans - or even non GFL players (i'm at that category btw) that not able to fully experience Girl's FrontLine game back in 2018 and so on.

There's maybe still some small cons like game-balance or bugs/glitches but gonna say it's much better than many games at release debut of playing for 1st impression.

Medium size of the game however (3GB storage at most), but other than that it can run well on potato phones as well - depend on how Setting you want for smooth experience.

That'll do for this ones, thanks for reading and hope you all love the game :3

As a player who played the previous Code:SEED game in 2020-2021, for the sake of a quick overview I won't point out an entire review like usual - Instead point out pros/cons than the base game.

+ Generally better UI interface
+ Revamped character models (most of them now have Live2D which is always nice)
+ Re-worked some of unit tier and skill tree (usually good but not entirely 100% is)
+ Retain the friendly newbie events and stuffs, now with better access to get exp to get started much consistent (I'd personally consider that as the biggest improve than the base game back in 1 or 2 year ago on the base game)
+ Core gameplay now also make it more simple and easier to keep on track, even if you'd stuck in awe for a while like me :)

+ Translation issues (of course it has to be, about the same as the base game)
+ Not so well Opening? (The default language of the game set as Simplified Chinese, though it can be set back in the Setting once you done the 10-min unskippable tutorial. Yet it's kinda an inconvenient for non-Chinese learner like me cuz that'd have drop the hype of playing by a lot if not because of the base game vibe)
+ Heavily rely on Social interact (aka Alliance). I'd consider that a bit extra challenging if you're going to play solo in this game to be fair.

For old Code:SEED players: Definitely yes.

For new people whom just play for the 1st time and not know about the prequel: Depend on how much you'd care about the combination of Match 3 + SRPG genre, plus gacha intensify like other gacha games have as well.

Thanks for reading my review :3

Path to Nowhere


At first glance, it's may seem not so high score I put in but I'll explain shorty.

First off, the pros: Path to Nowhere have the core gameplay wise of Arknights (though with lesser units collection to make up your playstyle), thus I like the idea of freedom moving your units across the map - as a trade off that you cant adjust your unit waypoint to attack as they'll only point East but not 4-dial ways like A9 can. I also love the very mysterious story-telling with lots of twists to make me curious enough to keep on playing to see how things will eventually going on in the end. For that it's clearly above-average or... it could be better.

The biggest issue by far in the game, especially for potato phones user like me and others whom already commented it's the bugs/glitches in the UI game and that happen right just after you complete the Prelude (still in tutorial phase), and its ratio will appear in almost any later stages of the game if left unchecked. I see it's already frustrated to see a battlefield with no controlling whatsoever to your units, and funny enough - Command skill after the preparation phase (while A9 never have that happen when it just released); the bored feeling to see your team just AA the enemy that usually need Skills in order to taking them down for good is just make it the hardest part of the game more than anything it ahould have be; it have no affect even with set to lowest Setting possible when in lobby screen as well. I believe not just myself experienced but a lot of ppl here will encounter them in the exact same situation.

If that'll be fix the sooner I'll probably edit the review with higher score. For now though, it will be here as a consider for those who'll about to try the game without knowing (unless you're happen not to encounter these issues like mine above)

Thank you curious peoples whom read my review.



Here's my personal overview about this game after 24 hours in-game time playing so far.

If Tower of Fantasy is called a Genshin's copycat by most well-known dramas around it, then Eroica is fall into the same case - except it's Epic Seven and a bit of similar contents from Exos Heroes & PriConneR in which I'll talk about it soon.

Gameplay wise: Its mostly turn-based RPG familiar from E7 and a little mixed of JRPG from Final Fantasy (in which is involved to puzzle stuffs, and Side Quests system after Main Quests is completed).

Sounds: I can't give a judge about it since I'd rather mute the volume in-game and turn on some lofi music instead if I dont wanna fall asleep while playing it. But it have JP voiced so for that is decent.

Gacha? Welp like gameplay's above - You have independent banner to pulls between Characters/Pre-Code(similar to cards in E7)/Items. Tutorial give 40x refresh pulls so there's little needs of re-roll. And why I said its alike PriConneR? Because the Hero you got in this game is around 1/2/3 Stars at the start (same goes as you got them duplicated - it'll turn into 1/10/100 shard currency), and you can purchase their fragments in Shop in order to Ascend them up to 5 Stars. I just wonder if future updates of the game will give them 6 Stars Ascend as well?

1 last thing I wanna point out - You can "have a chance" to obtain a Limited 3 Stars that is not get along with any banners ingame. How? Simply just login for 30 days consequently once you select ones. This is obviously a feature from Exos Heroes, no doubt.

Overall Eroica is above-average, nothing worth to make it stand out than E7 but still quite good to give a try

So my conclusion is: If you not familiar or never played E7 before (cuz I did play E7 back in 2018 but soon dropped at that time) and love JRPG genre then this game is solid good for you to simply killing bored time. Just have fun in it and don't tryhard too much if you ever have a sense of compete.
Otherwise just play some other & better games than this in you viewing instead.

Thanks for reading my review up to this. ^ ^

Echocalypse | SEA


Echocalypse is best experienced with volume set to 0 and decent if you ever curious about the game's story lore. It isnt malicious. ITS TASTELESS AND EMBARRASSING FOR HAVING 0 STARTER/F2P FRIENDLY because the game expected that you're the kind of person who'd enjoy it. Just play Azur Lane, Arknights or anything else instead.

Panzer Waltz | Global


also known as Metal Waltz on Steam(PC), the game I just randomly found and start to playing straight away so here's my personal thoughts:

The game originally was out in 2017, so its quite hard to put in comparison to nowaday common gacha games. This is GFL but replaced with alternate WW2 and World of Tanks theme.

The game itself is pretty light in term of storage (took about 1.5GB) and only need around 1GB RAM so its playable to almost any devices. Crossplay iOS/Android and PC also supported in-between account bind so that's a plus.

Gameplay: RTS focused that might be inspired from the old 2012 KanColle webgame (and maybe Clash of Clans?) so its a lot of outdated to other games today, but still it around above-average if you like to spent time in develop stuffs in this game - Strategy genre lovers in short. And thus - anime panzer girls though? Sound like Azur Lane's vibe right here.

I'm a bit surprised that the game still able to play nowadays and honestly its a hidden gem for an idle gacha game overall with nothing to shabby.

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