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Obey Me! Shall we date?


I have mixed feelings about this game. It is trying to be similar to the style of Mystic Messenger and Mr. Love Queens Choice/Love & Producer but it does not live up to them.

That being said their text conversations are my favorite though, they are silly and funny. The game is way too short in my opinion. They should have added more chapters before they left off with a cliffhanger. I was able to read it all within two weeks using the same 3 cards the entire time. So it was overly easy for me.

I dont think we get enough content from the cards for them to be worth so much money either, though the price isn't any different from other gacha games.

But despite some of my qualms with the voice acting (at a few moments), the art style (which I got used to), and a few other things, I still played through it pretty quickly. If they made it easier to get Devil Points I'd probably keep playing, but for now I'll probably wait until they release more chapters.

I'm not against spending money on the game, I've already thrown $20 at it, but I don't know if I will continue to do so in the future. I felt like I didn't get enough in return for that money. At least in MLQC I get a beautiful cg, calls/texts/sms, and dates. Maybe I'm just spoiled from that game though.

In the end the game is cute and funny, but I didn't connect with any of the characters like I have with other games like this. They are still lovable and all though. I really appreciated this more mature approach to the game in how suggestive it can be. I wish Shall We Date produced more like this.



The MC is pretty dumb in my opinion. They made it so she is completely clueless. Also the translation isn't the best. I suggest playing it on your phone instead of paying for it on Steam though.

I probably would have liked this game as a teen but not now. I played Joshua first since we only had two choices to pick from and he keeps kissing the main character randomly and she just accepts it as somehow her fault and she has to play along. As a hormonal teen I might have loved that, as a grown woman who has been through more relationships at this point, I find it awful. I hope everyone keeps in mind that while in the game its fine, in real life consent is important and that his actions aren't acceptable.

Blood Domination | Global


I'll start this off by saying this is only the second bl I've ever read, I'm pretty new to this. But I have plenty experience with otome games. The first disappointment with this game is there is no sound at all. Cybird has me spoiled with beautiful music and sound effects. My other qualm with this is the amount of story uou get per ticket isn't really a lot. The story isn't great but I don't hate it either. I love the artwork though. Oh, also the game asks you for a name and then dosen't use it at all, which was upsetting to me. I wouldn't have been bothered if they didn't ask for one to begin with. Overall I don't hate the game, just dislike the lack of music and how slow/laggy it can be at times, but again thats compared to the other otome games I have. 6/10 would reccomend.

I'll start off by saying that I'm obsessed with gacha games. I find them very fun, this is the first Voltage game that I actually wanted to play in years. Cybird is way better and blow them out of the park in my opinion, at least their newer games. Anyway! I was off put by how much the game costs in the gacha aspect. When you first start they offer a guarentee ssr draw, it gives you ONE card for 250 diamonds, which is how much it costs for a 10 card draw with a guaranteed sr, which amounts to a minimum of $22...I think that price is pretty outrageous considering you could buy a whole otome game with everything unlocked for less than that. 🤷🏾‍♀️



I dont know how long I've had this app, but from the first day it has had an error and wont start.

The game finally worked for me today and so far it is pretty cute! I'll update my review again when I have played enough to give an honest and knowledgeable review! [開心]

Edit 2:
So I am not sure how close I am to finishing with these chats, but it stopped working again and wont get past the email verification on the loading screen. Overall the concept of the game is cute. I wish they gave out hourglasses for free periodically. The phone calls are completely glitched out, its hard to actually get one to go through. The notifications dont come up reliably either. I hope they fix the bugs because I would highly recommend it then. But for now I would rate it 4/10, I have high hopes for this game though.

Ikemen Vampire | English


This company and their games blow Shall We Date/Voltage and other mobile companies out of the water. The music is amazing, the characters are lovable, and you feel truly invested in everyone. 10/10 would recommend. I think it is a bit pricey overall, but I've also never been a whale with these types of games, with one exception. So others might not think it's expensive.

Love this game

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