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(still playing)
Will review after few days play.
(most likely after 7days or more)

Not recommend.
Starter I thought the game may like "DanMachi", it give me big hope and when i start play.....but
I ... can't find anything will make me stay....
too many thing demerit my anime.
The anime is one of my favorite.
I try play 7 days.. still can't.
The more i play the more i dislike the game dishonor the anime.



i play CBT. and i know it will delete when the end.
so i can't say much about luck about gacha or how generous or not.....

The thing i like about game is the storyplot.
it indeed catching my attention.
well of course main story is nice but it have side story that i interest.

Normally i bored to side stories and i rarely touch the game side stories(other game) because story normally is meaningless (or just an extra stories).

But here giving (i only read orca:side story) how the feeling about minor character storyplot and use them to play in story and gameplay....
(will you normally use minor character? i bet you won't.)
(it catch my interest, and... i also wish in-game they will survive when story in progress)
(well, of course they will survive because my SSR or SR character helping them)(笑)

The second part i like about the game is
"Repeat Operation while in Saving Energy Mode".
Is nice to have this system, i can repeat same mission while saving battery using. Nice! Friendly to my working place where i can't charging my phone.(笑)

I would recommend it to play.

I have try soft launch.
Official will be next day.
so i decide to write review just before official.
In my opinion, i would say recommend to play or try it.
If you like harem, than the game more suitable to you.
When i play, somehow the game keep remind me "Danmachi" (other game). it is just me?
The main point of game i like to point up will be,
each of character got their own story with MC
every character got 8 bonds story.(ever 1star)
(8bond only unlock when reaching 3star)
Don't forget every character got VA (voice actor).

X-HERO: Idle Avengers


am i playing?

Bistro Heroes


I feels relax when play the game.
Nice simple game but still awesome.
I totally recommend the game.

Guitar Girl


Recommend i guess.......
for when need killing time.

SINoALICE | Global


in my heart say i should write something good about it.
but, i don't know what to write....
but, i too know that the game didn't give vibe of p2w.
so i can say the game can friendly to f2p.
somehow all i got was this feeling say it system play look like "Granblue Fantasy" but more heavy & dark atmosphere. (+little dying feeling)
Recommend to play.
At least try it once.

(ps: don't want to write more than that word.
or else i feels like i comparing & belittle other game.)

One of Mecha game that i would recommend.

Food Fantasy | English


One of game with element,
"open restaurant + bishoujo + bishounen + chibi style"
This game really target all age player.......
(ps: the game also friendly to F2P player(easy gacha)

Locker of Death


not recommend.....
story, i can say it catch me interesting.
but..... system to play is bad.
ingame, during of story,you with always giving 2 choices only.
one choice route, you need "money" to choice good route,
and another choice is free but bad end route.
Another weak point, the story is short and many pointless choices ....
when endgame .... you sure will delete it.

if i want add , i would say ....
"if you fan with visual novel (with voice) + RPG"
This game is recommend for you, for sure.

Among Us


The game is fast.
Really can kill time.
but, it will may more fun if a voice chat.... i guess it will be hard too.
Recommend or not... i guess recommend to play.
To me, the game fast and also bored faster too.
100mb easy download and fun game if play with friend.

Mahjong Soul | English


Is rare to have board game in anime theme.
Try to play if you know mahjong rule.

Genshin Impact


Rating are the proof of the game.

Final Fate TD | Global


not recommend....

Hmmm, you can try install play it, just 1gb only.
Recommend or not....I guess is not.
But thats my opinion.
you should try it, you got nothing lost install the game.

Arknights | English


After 8 months i didn't play.... due to personal reason.
look like got many system update, i ever can check how many event since my last play. look like i miss 2 event.
I still enjoy the game, ever my team weak.
So i highly recommend try to play Arknight.
(PS: I wish event story got voice)

OH~! My Office


A Good game for killing time.

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