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redoing my whole review

but I've mostly come to say that JP is the better server for D4DJ
which i feel like should sound like a bad thing to say, as i feel like everyone in different servers should get the same experiences and not have to decide what server to play on
i have played Global off and on before ultimately deciding that this version of the game is better

not only does JP have more songs, we would be getting all the cool stuff
now, i don't remember what times each server came out, but i think global should've been maybe a year apart from JP? but it's not, meaning that it skipped like a year worth of events which is my biggest pet peeve when it comes to games
i wouldn't mind being unable to get collabs if I'm honest on global, but it just really irks me how much it feels like we've skipped out on a lot

now, there is some songs that are on global that is not on JP uh specifically Super Insomniac Battleworm- but that's all i can think of tbh
sorry for ranting about global server of the JP review, but i just think JP server is far better than global
also waiting for Internet Yamero to come to D4DJ now *need that Arknights collab next year too /hj*

love it
i dont know Japanese (i played ENG till i reached rank 80 something and then went here)
I'm loving it alot
Roselia was my favourite band till RAS came along
the game is really good
all the girls are very cute

The Witch's House



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