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Ena-Mizuki Friendship !!!

Hmm Very well I start the Rate the game
1. Arts
The arts are cool. Really fresh and Likes the anime style one also with new Character it was a good one

The music is really Hit me hard because they do edel lilie Song again (ED assault lily) to play it on game. really A nice idea to symbols of assault lily

3 Gameplay
Well for gameplay, It just a calm game . Like switch turn battles but still it's okay too me

For storyline well It was Good but u need know japanese to Know the storyline or probably wait Global Version

5. Gacha
The gacha system is nice i think. nothing problem with it

Plus They really So good at
-Put Episode 1 Anime Assault lily on Download screen to make us not bored to waiting + watch the anime
-The new Character is looks cool
- Good Music and introduction music Especially Edel Lilie (My favorite one)
-And the last is THIGH [怪笑][不滿].

My favorite games so far

22/7 Music Time


Okay since i like rythmn game perhaps i choose this is good one

Nothing else to said, it's fit great for me

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This setlist good maybe for u Try this Setlist from Hololive and Assault lily ED. I try on expert and it's good maybe you can try if you wish
🎵D4DJ GroovyMix ⇒
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