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Real Gamer. Beater F2P.
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Real Gamer. Beater F2P.
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Its a turned based game.
gacha is like other games that gives low rate pulls.
tried to get atleast 2 ssr within 30x but no luck.
"its better to play gacha on Dragalia Lost
they got better rates."

this game will end up p2w like other TBG.
so far graphics and sound are good.


Lord of the Other World


Well tried it so far all the task can be done by just playing it no p2w tactics or anything.

To dominate this game everyone on the alliance should help each others and continuos donating to their kingdom.

there are vast places to conquer on the map.
the add ons for decoration to your kingdom is good.
You can Attack dungeon and defeat monster or Rebels on field.

its F2P Friendly no doubt as i finish my 1st day quest like in an instant by the help of the community.

The one and only threw me off is the "BATTLE"!!

for that -3 stars!

overall 6.9/10

BLEACH: Brave Souls


Best Bleach when it comes to
Gameplay/Soundtrack/Story/PVE/PVP anything you want on daily basis.

Nice Gacha % Rates and their not Greedy Giving Top Tier Units. F2P Friendly aslong you have the skill to play it.

The only Bad thing its a flash game 2d graphics.

But Overall ill give it 8.5/10
Because the Gameplay is Good
imagine if this game is not a 2d game play by running back and forth.
it will kick other game ass for sure.

Legit Gamer Since it Launch Global instead on other language 1st +7 pts instantly.

Overall 8.4/10


problem are its too big even its better than dan machi
5g for just a game specially this one is huge.

Lastly their Gacha pool sucks Big time.
i tried to pull for another 3s using 15,000
all i get are dupes and trash so i uninstall the game for that.

Magatsu Wahrheit | Global


Thats my overall rate.

this games revolves only on equips and subs jobs mastery enhancement if you got atleas 3 ssr weapon as a starter with your main job you can obliterate it as an f2p.

do i need to drop genshin impact for this definetly NO
the ui is kinda year 2000 if you roam its area map.

this game not working anymore wasted my time downloading it.



AFAIK this game is 6-5yrs old already its older from what i played before Final Fantasy Mobius.
What great on this game is the original characters/ voices/soundtrack & storyline, but ui and gameplay was kinda mixed up of ocean nemesis / final fantasy ffbe / auto thats why its kinda not appealing because its already 2020.

Better late than never atleast we Global Players would love to play a game aslong as it has good asthetics like this so far from playing a flash games just showing up recently.

Nice Graphics & Storyline.
Feels like Im Playing FF Mobius/FFBE but in Tactics Mode.

Damn it so our last option is slugfest. Wasted my time pre registering on vpn shitty game.
I guess Naruto X Boruto Voltage is the only 1 with great concept on gaming on Naruto nothing more nothing less others are meh put it all in a trash bins.
I rather play ppsspp Naruto games than to waste time playing flash games.
Nice Copy Pasting SAOA Rising Steel!

[哇噻] Thank You for Global Release even it takes a year since you release jp version.


Other games should really move to the vid stories rather than image reading alot.
(This is how what we want to be done rather to install 5-6gb that only shows image storylines.) You know who you are half baked ass games.

Rate could do better but the .3% and .5% was very low in gamers point of view there are gacha games can give more SSR a 300 rotation can only get 4 and worst its random. When summoning your favorite character will be kinda annoying since you need atleast x5 copies just to max ultimates specially Festival units.

Costume & Decorating. Appealing to Fan based ladies out there.

Evolution tiers thats Grindy but atleast that reminds me of SAO & Dragalia Lost you can Improve your favorite Character.

The only Con for me
IT GAME CRASHES ALOT & Censhorship that kills Waifu.

PVP Elite Matchmaking Sucks Bigtime they already applied a sticker spam cheat or cheaters force close your battle.
(they tried to fix it by update good thing they act fast but because of it your losing rating and players.)
Many people on the community want to sue them because the players are being scammed by netmarble.

if you try to stay and form a community goodluck.

Done Playing it with a year all i can say that their management for global is bs too much p2w & milking gamers to the last drop.
Don't get me wrong im Always Champ1 on Normal and Champion & Challenger Tier on Elite. So earning weekly is not a problem to me i can always do 900 or 600 on Festival & Time Limited Banners. Im a top tier F2P Beater ingame since i can compete on top 100.
The very reason i quit is the % of their gacha mostly they will always scam your hardwork. instead getting a shot to get high end units you will end up getting trash units so in short if your p2w they care but if your f2p your just trash to them just a number of like and + to their app.



Nice & Great Game for me this better than One Piece Bounty Rush.

Small yet compact and will hit your face hard when it comes to small sized application yet you can play it fully hd, graphics & if your phone sucks you can still play it by tuning low modification that will make the game better.

Can be played on different language, cool sfx, nice characters you can wear costume & build coop stat disc. Nice Balance on different element and role you use. Balance on using different equip disc from atk,trap,move,buff,warp & heal.

A game of strategy, skill and technique.
for people who dont have 2 hands to play will sure have a hard time playing this because its fast pace team pvp from ramble, team flag & base point atk/def.

Support is Good if you report someone cheating/hackers they will act fast and ban those kind of users. All of your games will be recorded and can rewatch you can even watch other players play and learn from them if your new.

Control is hard but if your persistent to learn will get a hang of it for noobs try playing tutorials first before going to war.

For people saying the spirit orb rasen shuriken is imba 1 word i can say Idiots its intended to do that kind of dmg so that tankers and healer can be killed your so salty by being hit by 999999 have you been played with 4 tankers with team heals try to play with that then tell to my face that skill is imbalance. Also the Ultimate is not spammable and you need to hit normal atk 1st to do ultimate while disc can be spam when cooldown is done.

Gacha Rate one of the best you can get 5 UR or SR and if your rank is high you can earn more % chance of obtaining ultimates. Character Summon No Brainer I already have all the characters just by playing 1 Day by doing the time limited quest. By playing the Game also gives you 1 summon disc and can be open up to 3 & 6 if you got game pass like mario kart but not to extent of being unbalance from f2p to p2p players. You can Also have free Summons every 6hrs.

The only thing that i hate when the server becomes laggy and the wifi icon shows up when im playing even my internet connection is excellent.

Overall 9.0/10

I rate High Because the game is translated to english yet the voice over is japanese. its like im watching a sub anime while playing.
Size is decent 1.2GB
Value: It is one of my best Rotation Game App. besides Bleach Brave Souls & Dragalia Lost. 8.5/10

Gameplay maybe some of you hate auto but if your looking for AoT maybe try AoT Assult remember this is TACTICS so it must HAVE Auto features well you can deactivate it don't pay attetion for retards who don't want this or that.

Lastly They Need to Upgrade their Gacha 1.00% is too low not to mention you need to LIMIT BREAK it even you have 5stars. [哇噻]

Arknights | English


Not fan of the gameplay.
but im a fan of their artwork & nice job translating the game good job for those people who work for translating it 8.5/10!

So far i rate it passable since its a working app in english form!

the problem is some text are wrong like pain becomes paeun and traps become tarps, i see many text error. if im a prof. even the text have more choersive & slang 6.5/10.

hmm the size of the game is kinda big for its visuals & gameitself dont tell me its from the soundtrack but still it can be minimize.

artwork is ok i see some boobs but seriously it need improvement see it bounce then the line cleavage is still the same i was like wtf did i see an alien. (hahaha)

the game battle is ok but if someone gonna compare this to gunpla battle of bandai i guess their app will be kept rather playing here.
(just my 2cents opinion).

i hope that top view can be viewed in different axis if you know how to use 3ds Max or ACad you will now what im pointing at.

Gacha so Far its Execellent its not Trash Maybe Some Players Actually Suck at Summoning but for me its Excellent.
Having 5 SSS Mech on 1st Day its Extravagant!
They also have a Newbie Event and Characters and Adventurer there is usefull 2 SSS if you complete 7d Log-in.

By the way fix the updating of your app we dont want to have a 1.4gb everytime the shop need updates it is huge just to update the shop gawd!

Rate 6.8/10!

hate the gameplay graphics.

but the event story and voice soundtracks are legit.

too bad its a 4gb game yet i hate the gameplay.

sorry not fan of the game but fan of the anime itself!

Mario Kart Tour


Mario Kart is Better than other Mario Nintendo that released on mobile.

The only Down Side for other Players its P2W Admit it without that Gold Pass you cannot Upgrade your Violet or Gold even you are Good in game without using Real Money you will never ever Beat those who put Money or Invest. You can still catch up maybe a Month or 2 Month to them if you want to go toe to toe to Game Payers.

but Overall this is a Fun Game iF you Really have'n

10% Seen 90% Cant Proceed in real game.

Dragalia Lost


[驚訝] The most respectable game i ever played ever since I quit final fantasy Mobius because they shutting down the game for good this june2020.

Dragalia Lost Summons legit p2p/f2p will benefit fair & square if your hard worker its not possible for you to get all 5stars if your a type of Purchaser gacha who do not have much time to play they give gacha event where you can buy characters like Gala.

GamePlay omg i love it even you used 3* characters you can upgrade them to 5* balance on using items wyrmcards stats and if there is a bug they will fix it A.S.A.P
if you report to Support they will communicate and try to fix the problem.
(Tried Reporting on Lost Wyrmprints & Wyrmites like 7x already they did not give it back but they will try to fix and msg you to update what went wrong. But for sure they will give alot of giveaways rather than a rollback. So for me giving much effort on that is a plus on VALUE OF THE GAME.)

Weekly & Monthly Events the HDT/Agito are Perfect for Elitist Gamers Like Me if you want to be challenge your wit & skills specially if Time Attack for Best Score! (not for sore losers who quit easily)


Lastly it is available Already in ENGLISH so for that it is Already
#1 to my heart. (Any Nice Game that have translations/Who Do not believe on Racist or Language Barrier of this what we call Earth or Universe or what World you call it.) 😎

by: 《⭐》《Lance》/《⭐》|Lance| / Brokenchordz

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I just got back playing it again after 1year.
since 7ds global do not intend to stop being greedy
i go back playing my best mobile game.
so many freebies and got the new 2 gala and gala chelle on wyrm coin and some new heroes.
so many new interface and i need to study it again.
btw the only thing that threw me off are the wyrmcards so many None Affinity its so hard to build 
for complete set max affinity if you can the output is no sense at all hope they could fix it so that obsolete 5s and 4s wyrmcard ca still be useful.
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