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Real Gamer. Free to Play.
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Real Gamer. Free to Play.
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its not R-18 but still not appropriate to kids below 15 of age with less i.q.

Project Winter Mobile


Cannot open the game always verification on screen even wait till 30mins nothing happens.

Time Defenders


RTS - Gameplay Remind me of Arkknights but in 3D form.

Overall Great Game. Mr. Qoo you must change it to JP/KR/TW,CN,TC/ASIA/US.

So Late but atleast it is here.

2.60 GB Size.
3.40 hrs.mins to finish the full patch.

Good Game if it was release on 1990.
It's already 2022!
The only good thing on this game are the heck savage lines of character in the story specially Rina.

Figure Fantasy | English


TBG Toy Story hahaha.
well atleast they have concept and changed woody and buzz lightyear too anime toys.

pros: its f2p friendly, can be main game, its for all genders since it has waifus and husbandos, no energy spent to run chapters. it can run on 32/64bit mobile phones.

cons: so many servers, p2w can dominate too much, gacha for 10 pulls a bit too much 3000 gems it would be better if its 1200-1500.

overall its 8.7/10

redeem codes#1:
treasure2022 , lucky2022 , figure2022

codes #2:
YUKI888 , moonshine , lostpause

shoutout to "beauty princess" for codes#1
& to "Epic7Global" for code#2 on qoo-app. TY

For My Collection of youtube gamer codes.:


Like my post so that everyone could see it rather than bottom do not be a leech spread the love.

Blue Archive | Global


Hoping they did not touch anything except implimenting global language in-game and reasonable prize for paid in-game market.

if this handled the way different as what i said it.
then blah blah censorship, poor communication between players & devs. (one who runs and make decision for global!), milking players then this game will flush out on the toilet fast.

expect gamers will always compare it to the other server. like how being handle and fair to their costumers or it would be like another 7ds shitty ninja moves or other games modus milking methods.

as of now im glad its already here.

Pokemon Unite



-3 since many stupid toxic comes from LoL who do 2 account then afk one of them.
no friends so you waste time of other people what a fukin simps. I really want to ban those idiots who go to enemy base then afk the rest of the game.
(Most cheap way to win tbh wasting time of other people while they manage their own fagshit ego just to win.)

The More New Add-ons The more lag you will have in-game then after a week or 2 before it is fix.
Few People Playing now most of the time are A.I and Stupid Sub Account Users.

Gate of Nightmares



I wonder if they release an english patch or not.

For now im chillin with jp version.
hmmm what to do ig.

If only i can read the text i will dominate you.
too bad i need to examine all the robots 1 by 1
who have the best melee, range and mid-range.
The only good way to test it is to go on practice and check their skills.

so far 7/10

if only the main page is not messy ui i would rate it more. the battle system on this is way more better on that gunpla breaker also the gacha but it cost too much to do a single x10. 1200 for pull that was bad and the rng so bad too.

This is better than OP cruise. if the animation is only similar to it that server will go down to this refreshing CR.

PoTII: RB | English


im having fun playing.

Game of Dice


F2P friendly just play everyday and do the adds will make your deck to top. they give 6s cards everyday and dice that you can max up that can compete to vip dices.
just played like 2 weeks ago and im in challenger now.
easy mechnics just buy what you need and be genius on building decks and goods.
someone said every new on sale is imba but for me i can kick their ass using black or red card even plus.
just read the mechanics and build a deck that suits on your gameplay its luck vs pro thats it.

Guardian Chronicle





Its a turned based game.
gacha is like other games that gives low rate pulls.
tried to get atleast 2 ssr within 30x but no luck.
"its better to play gacha on Dragalia Lost
they got better rates."

this game will end up p2w like other TBG.
so far graphics and sound are good.


Lord of the Other World


Well tried it so far all the task can be done by just playing it no p2w tactics or anything.

To dominate this game everyone on the alliance should help each others and continuos donating to their kingdom.

there are vast places to conquer on the map.
the add ons for decoration to your kingdom is good.
You can Attack dungeon and defeat monster or Rebels on field.

its F2P Friendly no doubt as i finish my 1st day quest like in an instant by the help of the community.

The one and only threw me off is the "BATTLE"!!

for that -3 stars!

overall 6.9/10

BLEACH: Brave Souls


Best Bleach when it comes to
Gameplay/Soundtrack/Story/PVE/PVP anything you want on daily basis.

Nice Gacha % Rates and their not Greedy Giving Top Tier Units. F2P Friendly aslong you have the skill to play it.

The only Bad thing its a flash game 2d graphics.

But Overall ill give it 8.5/10
Because the Gameplay is Good
imagine if this game is not a 2d game play by running back and forth.
it will kick other game ass for sure.

Legit Gamer Since it Launch Global instead on other language 1st +7 pts instantly.

Overall 8.4/10

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