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¤22/7 ¤ ROSELIA->banGdream ¤ Italian girl
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¤22/7 ¤ ROSELIA->banGdream ¤ Italian girl
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Unpacking Master


nice and relaxing, perfect when you don't know what to do [開心][開心][色色]

Cookie Run: OvenBreak


nice gameplay, and nice and cute characters!![開心][開心][色色]

Dear My Cat


cutie kittyy
nice gameplay and story!!😍

Arena of Valor | English


nice! but sometime it lag a bit... and the report are wrong :( :)

I LLLOVE IT!!!!😍😍😍💙💙💙

Hatsune Miku Amiguru Jump


cute cute cute!! but the jumping part it's difficult to learn...😍

Nice game, but I though it was more like Minecraft....

Box It Up! Inc.


Nice and fun!!
Cute boxes!!
Also cute graphics!!
But value difficult to earn for me [害羞][害羞]



Nice game, almost finish!!
But there's a level I can't solve!![害羞]
Nice skin you can find in treasure chests!!!

Nice graphics...
Hate the gamplay, is so difficult for meee to play!!![大哭]
And I don't understand how to gain the value of the game!!![大哭]
But I love the collab the make!![開心]

love graphics and gameplay [賣萌][賣萌]
Nice storyline!!
Value easy to earn, gacha affordable!![開心]

Gameplay a little bit stiffy[委屈]
gacha are quite affordable...
but very nice graphics!![開心]

Gacha Club


Great graphics and sound.
Gamplay super easy but only few games to play[開心]
Funny mode to create your own character[賣萌]
Value easy to earn[厲害]

Spin Rhythm


Difficult but funny to try to play!![暈][暈]

Pig Puzzle DX


Cute and funny but only if you understand the language[害羞][害羞][無語]

I love the fact that you can create your own kingdom how you want.
Gamplay super duper easy[開心]
Storyline (for me) a bit annoying, but characters and cookies are super cute!![害羞]
Gems are super easy to earn so you can scout many times... the only "bad thing" is the gacha rate, a little bit low...[難過]
Also update need too much space every time!!!

Fire Emblem Heroes


Nice Nice Nice!!
Graphics and sound are very enjoyable!!
Gameplay a little complicated, but once you took the hand it's easy to play!!
Storyline beautiful to read!!
Gems are a little hard to gain, but scouts and characters are affordable !!

LINE Webtoon


Nice app for reading, even if some webtoon are available only paying...[難過]

I adore the game, I have like 6 children [開心]
graphic ok[無語]
gameplay easy to understand [厲害]
and money easy to earn[色色]

GrandChase | Global


Money very easy to earn, graphics' fantastic, and also is sound.

The gamplay is super easy to understand[害羞]
And the storyline is good, and every new character they add a new piece of story.

The scouts are affordable👍

But the characters took too long to upgrade ...[白眼]

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